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  • New Eastman Mandolins will be here next week

    h_3_33 2Here's what we are expecting:

    304 A-style Oval hole x3

    305 A-style F hole octave x3

    315 F-style F hole x3

    504 A-style Oval hole x1

    515 F-style F hole x3

    614 F-style Oval hole x1
    with K&K twin internal pickup

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  • Lebeda A4 premium with McIntyre feather pickup. USED.


    Lebeda A4 premium with McIntyre feather pickup installed by ourselves. With original case, in excellent condition. Fantastic rich and mellow tone with lots of punchy volume.


    Used mandolins, click here.



  • One third off all new guitars!

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  • Gibson H2 mandola 1921 sunburst.

    Excellent condition 1921 H2 mandola, still with the original shine. All original; tuners, tuner pegs, pickguard and clamp, tailpiece and cover and bridge with a modern case.


    This one has that amazing vintage Gibson mandola tone, lots of deep and resonant bases with full mids and trebles and a little extra sparkle and crispness giving it very good projection.


    Used mandolins, click here.


    ss fs hcs tp

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