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  • The latest photos from Simon Fay.


  • Pava A5 amber satin.

    This beauty has absolutely incredible tone! Its one of the best sounding mandolins I've ever played. It has remarkable volume and achieves that rare feat of having fantastic depth and resonance at the same time as clarity and cut (bluegrass players please note, the chop is outstanding).

    No question here of what styles of playing it is suitable for, it will do everything from quiet and gentle to loud and aggressive.


    Pava mandolins, click here.



  • Circa OOO-12 USED.

    I am beginning to think that 12 frets to the body and a cutaway is in ideal combination, you get the sweetness of the more centered bridge and access all the way to the top fret. And if anyone knows how to do it its John Slobod (John is Circa Guitars).


    This is a truly special guitar and shows what plain 'ol rosewood is capable of. With some very fine red spruce (Adirondack) on the top this guitar has the vintage tone John is famous for in bucket loads. Its deep and dark and powerful but also sweet and warm with a wonderful clarity and focus coming from the Adirondack, more headroom than you could ever wish for. It will respond willingly to a heavy pick or the lightest fingernail orĀ  fingertip. Magic.


    Used guitars, click here.


    o co f co b co h c


  • Weber Gallatin F5: F style, f hole, faded leather.

    I first played a Gallatin in the States in the mid nineteen nineties and remember it still. This is an example of where every cent has gone into the sound. With no bindings, faded leather finish and satin varnish it looks great.

    With a solid hand carved spruce top, solid hand carved maple back and sides, solid cast tailpiece and Brekke bridge it's the least expensive US of A hand-made F5 around. The basic spec of course does not affect the sound, this is a bluegrass cannon, bark and bite a plenty, volume to challenge those b*njos but with enough complexity to make a great all-rounder. With custom hardshell case.

    Weber mandolins, click here.


    1sch 2b


  • Weber Gallatin A5: A style, f hole faded Leather.

    Fantastic value A5 from the Weber team. The Gallatin mandolins are designed to get a great sounding mandolin at the best possible price. It has no bindings and satin finish, it looks great and is tone bar braced. It has a Weber solid cast tailpiece, traditional Brekke bridge, radiussed Ebony fingerboard, dual action adjustable truss rod, nickel Grover tuners and comes with a deluxe hardshell case.

    It has a very punchy f hole sound. Plenty of power and volume for the bluegrass chop with depth and enough resonance to make it a great all-rounder..

    Weber mandolins, click here.



  • Martin D-28CW Clarence White 2005.

    MartinĀ  D-28CW Clarence White 2005 in very good condition with a few dings (too small to photograph). It has all the power and depth of tone you would expect from a classic rosewood Martin dread and with an Adirondack top you have that extra power, definition and projection.

    Used guitars, click here.


    ww fw shw la

  • The Laskin headstock.

    ORIGINS headstock

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