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  • Collings O1A sunburst USED.

    Oh my what a beauty to nestle in your lap! Adirondack and mahogany add up to a very clear and well defined tone that also has great depth, warmth, resonance and complexity. This is a fantastic fingerstyle guitar with great responsiveness and playability.


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  • Collings MT2 USED.

    Collings' top of the range A model, stunning woods, immaculate workmanship and oh that Collings tone. It has a very clear sound with great depth, balance and one of the loudest chops I've heard. It has that amazing combination of warmth/resonance and projection, great for bluegrass and almost anything else.

    In excellent condition. Save £855 on the new price.

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  • Collings D1A USED.

    An Adirondack top and Honduran mahogany back and sides make for a very powerful dreadnought. The headroom is endless, the projection like nothing I've heard before, add remarkable depth of tone and perfect balance from the lowest to highest notes and you get a dread that has few peers.

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