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  • More photos from Simon Fay.


  • Grit Laskin 'Origins of Bluegrass' guitar.

    From Grit.

    "-next we see the first of the other 3 original members of the Blue Grass Boys (this part drove me a bit nuts since personal changed frequently as the years went by, later—1945-- including Flatt & Scruggs as well). The three originals, which I’ve depicted, were: Clyde Moody on guitar, Tommy Magness on Fiddle and Bill Wesbrooks on bass.

    -Since Monroe’s appearance at the Grand Ole Opry was pivotal to his early growing fame, I included a poster from one of his earlier appearances. The poster’s first appearance is as it leans into the design in the midst of the band members."

    Origins inlay sketch-2


  • Grit Laskin 'Origins of Bluegrass' guitar.

    My Current build by Grit Laskin is under way. I asked for a Bluegrass theme.

    From Grit "After much thought I chose to focus entirely on Bill Monroe, and the very beginning moments of Bluegrass. I’m calling this design “Origins”. Here is what you’re going to see…

    Starting at the headstock and moving up the neck:

    -A portrait of an older Bill, playing his mandolin (a mandolin HAD to appear, not just because of Monroe’s legend, but because I’m making this for YOU!).

    -still in the headstock we begin the history lesson - we see the label from the first single-song record that Monroe made, in 1940, “Mule Skinner Blues”, recording with his ‘blue grass boys”.


    Mandolin Cafe build thread.


    Acoustic Guitar Forum build thread.


    Origins inlay sketch-1

  • 1995 Gibson J-35.

    1995 Gibson J-35. Hand made by Gibson Master Luthier Ren Ferguson. It is faithful replica of the pre-war Gibson J-35. It features Honduran Mahogany Back and sides, Adirondack Spruce top, Ebony fingerboard and saddle, Waverly Tuners and Original Hard case. For most of it's 22 years it was kept unplayed in a case by a collector, so the condition is remarkable for it's age. It has had no repairs, it has no cracks and only a few weather checks (they are hard to see).

    Fantastic rich and deep tone, kind of a dreadnought plus with all the power of a dread but with great clarity and projection, great for strumming flatpicking and fingerstyle.


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  • Newsletter with live link.


  • Old Wave mandola due soon.


  • Newsletter.

    My latest newsletter is out.

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  • Collings D2H.

    This beauty has the classic rosewood dreadnought sound, it is very deep, warm and resonant with lots of headroom and great projection. The bass notes are very well defined with rich and complex mids and clear/sharp trebles. It has fantastic volume and definition, add Collings incredible workmanship and you will struggle to find a rosewood dread to match this beauty.


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  • Collings MT.

    This is Collings' entry level mandolin but it has everything you would expect from Collings. It has great volume with a fantastic and powerful bluegrass chop, strong bass notes, warm and complex mids and clear trebles. Its much more than a bluegrass cannon with a very full tone that is great for all styles.


    Collings mandolins, click here.



  • Collings OM2H.

    It was Jeff Traugott's thoughts on Collings that made me decide to stock Collings guitars again. This gorgeous rosewood OM is a great example of why Jeff rates them so highly.


    It has everything you would want from an OM, deep luscious tone with great resonance and complexity with fantastic definition all the way from the well defined bass notes through the wonderful mids to the very clear trebles. The responsiveness is remarkable whether playing with nail-less fingers or a pick. It makes a great all-rounder.


    Collings guitars, click here.



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