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  • Avalon L325 Legacy Premier 2008.

    Avalon L325 Legacy Premier with stunning rosewood back an sides. It has a very rich and full tone with great depth and warmth, full and deep bass notes, luscious and complex mids and clear trebles. This is a very expressive guitar with good projection and balance.

    It’s in excellent condition with some very light play wear, complete with the original documentation.

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  • Eastman 815v varnish finish USED.

    With a hand rubbed oil varnish finish this F5 mandolin has a solid hand carved spruce top and solid hand carved flamed maple back and sides, Schaller tuners, solid cast tailpiece, triple bound top, back and headstock.

    The varnish finish gives it a little extra punch and depth of tone, making it ideal for bluegrass with lots of volume and chop and the richness and warmth for other styles. It comes with violin style rectangular fitted hard-shell case

    In very good condition with a few top marks. Save £470 on the new price.

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  • My latest newsletter is out.

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  • Gibson F4 1921. £3995.

    This 1921 F4 is has been around to block a few times, but has a great tone. It has a pre 1922 neck with a truss-rod  installed and an adjustable bridge. The lower part of the pre 1922 flower pot inlay is covered by a nickel  truss-rod cover. It is all original except the bridge and it is structurally sound with no issues. Modern fiberglass case.

    It plays beautifully and has great volume and the deep and resonant tone so beloved of these old Gibsons.


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  • Weber Hyalite mandola USED 2008.

    2008 Belgrade, Montana built Hyalite mandola signed by Bruce Weber with case in excellent condition. It has oodles of that wonderful mandola tone, rich full and deep with great depth and resonance.


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  • The latest from Grit Laskin. Two hundred and twenty three parts!

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  • Sorensen Pacifica USED.

    This is my second Pacifica from Steve. Its another beauty in sound and looks. Engelmann spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, ebony fretboard and bridge, James tailpiece, bound maple pickguard, abalone logo and inlay and a fantastic Bobelock fibreglass case with hygrometer and case cover.

    The sound is truly awesome. It is one of the loudest mandolins I've ever heard with a very powerful chop. This great volume comes with richness, depth, warmth and subtlety and an equally good response to a light touch. From bluegrass to folk, and classical this beauty can do it all. If I didn't have too many at home I would be taking it to join my collection.

    In good shape with some pick marks on the top, nothing through the finish.

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  • More photos from Simon Fay.


  • Fylde Touchstone Octave Mandolin USED.

    Fylde Touchstone Octave Mandolin with 20 3/4" scale in excellent condition, tuned GDAE an octave below the mandolin. With hard case.

    Great folk tone with strong bass notes, full mids and clear trebles, great depth and warmth with excellent projection and volume. Currently tuned in octaves for the bottom two strings, easily changed to unison.

    New price £1250 (without a case).

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  • Laskin Three.

    -in the higher frets we see the title to the first LP Monroe recorded, in the actual font, and given the text we can feel how the genre was beginning to take its name. Behind the lettering will be the blue sky as it looks on the album jacket

    -in the background to this title we see the stylized portrait of Bill, which actually comes from the right hand side of the same Opry poster we saw earlier. What this accomplished for me however is making Monroe himself the bookends to the narrative.


    Origins inlay sketch-3

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