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  • Northfield F2s sunburst.

    Northfield has gained a fantastic reputation over the last few years. This is my third hole from them and it is another beauty.

    Tone-wise it is identical to the amber F2S that sold the day after it arrived so I will use the same words. "It has the beautiful rich and deep tones you would want from an oval hole mandolin and great clarity and definition (thanks in part to the Adirondack top) so you have a very full tone and great note separation making it fantastic for most styles of playing, folk, classical and old time (it even has a decent chop for the bluegrassers). It plays very easily and has plenty of volume, responding extremely well to a light touch or a heavier pick.

    Northfield mandolins, click here.




  • Weber Bitterroot A5 Octave Mandolin: A style, F holes.

    Fantastic rich and full sounding octave mandolin with 20" scale making it very easy to play. It has great resonance and warmth and depth of tone with excellent definition and projection from the lowest to highest notes.

    A5 style octave mandolin with hand graduated spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides. 20" scale length and 1 3/8" nut with a traditional Brekke bridge (adjustable under tension). The top is bound, the fretboard is radiussed and bound ebony and it has a solid/cast stainless steel tailpiece, dual action truss rod, Grover tuners, Celtic knot and 'Weber' headstock design and a custom hard case.


    Weber mandolins, click here.



  • Gibson F4 1915.

    1915 Gibson F4 with the wonderful Handel tuners. Red sunburst finish, bound 2-point body, carved spruce top, oval soundhole, triple ring rosette, fantastic one piece flamed maple back and sides, bridge (with later insert instead of the individual pieces) and later bone nut (the original pearl nut is in the case), original tailpiece and cover, pickguard and clamp and case.

    This one is in very fine condition with no issues whatsoever, ready and willing to go on for another century or two. It has the typical teens Gibson oval hole tone with very deep and rich bass notes, warm and full mids and clear/ringing trebles.. magic. And with the current pound/dollar exchange rate it is at a very good price.


    Used mandolins, click here.



  • 1915 Gibson F4 due next week.

    F419154ClassicF5 004F419153

  • My latest newsletter is out.

  • Northfield F5s USED.

    Save £700 on the new price, in excellent condition with a few dings see photos, fully set up and plays beautifully.

    Northfield's F5S has been getting a fantastic reception stateside and with very good reason.

    Fantastic played-in tone with a strong and powerful chop and much, much more, strong well defined bass notes, rich and complex mids and clear trebles. The balance and projection is remarkable as is the depth of tone. Great for the aforementioned bluegrass and almost any other style.


    Used mandolins, click here.



  • The latest photos from Leo Buendia.


  • Collings MT2.

    Collings' top of the range A model, stunning woods, immaculate workmanship and oh that Collings tone. It has a very clear sound with great depth, balance and one of the loudest chops I've heard. It has that amazing combination of warmth/resonance and projection, great for bluegrass and almost anything else.


    Collings mandolins, click here.



  • Leo Beundia's guitar is going to the finisher on Monday.


  • Kronbauer MJ sitka/rosewood USED.

    In excellent condition. This is  lot of guitar for the money.

    I have compared it with other sitka/rosewood jumbos and this is the sweet one! The sound is very warm and lush without lacking definition. Fantastic for picking and strumming and more than capable of some delicate fingerstyle.


    Used guitars, click here.


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