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  • Gibson A-1 1908.

    This is an early Gibson A style mandolin with "pumpkin" top and Orville Gibson's picture on the label. The mandolin has the first version of the elevated pickguard but it is missing the clamp. The tailpiece cover is the earliest version that is a bit more ornate. The original bridge height is a full 3/4". The finish is great and the top is fully arched with no sinking. This a great playing antique instrument. Classic vintage Gibbo tone, lots of that wonderful deep and resonant bass, warm and sweet mids and clear trebles.


    Used mandolins, click here.



  • Gibson A 1916.

    This is an excellent 100 year blacktop Gibson "A" model w/ original pickguard, tuners, and tailpiece. The fingerboard is ebony and has new frets installed. Two piece birch back, spruce top. Some mild playing wear present.

    Wonderful classic teens Gibson tone. All those fantastic deep and sonorous bass and mid range notes with bright 'n clear trebles.

    Used mandolins, click here.



  • Pava A5 blonde satin.

    This beauty has absolutely incredible tone! Its one of the best sounding mandolins I've ever played. It has remarkable volume and achieves that rare feat of having fantastic depth and resonance at the same time as clarity and cut (bluegrass players please note, the chop is outstanding).

    No question here of what styles of playing it is suitable for, it will do everything from quiet and gentle to loud and aggressive.

    Pava mandolins, click here.




  • Gibson A-1 1918.

    This is a nice complete old pumpkin top with all original parts... tuners, case, pickguard and tailpiece.  It has that warm, beautiful Gibson sound, lots of deep resonant basses, warm mids and clear, ringing trebles.


    Used mandolins, click here.




  • Gibson A-4 1931 previously owned by Norman Blake

    This A-4 features a dark, red sunburst finish w/ truss rod & adjustable bridge. Bound spruce top and maple back. Equipped with all original hardware including, tailpiece, bridge, pickguard, tuners; truss-rod cover reads name of previous owner "F. SLIMER". In fantastic condition; some mild scratching/playing wear present and the back centre seam was re-glued a long time ago and is very stable. Fantastic playability, amazing and full rich tone. New frets and ebony fingerboard affords perfect intonation and playability. Owned and used by acoustic wizard Norman Blake for years with a letter of authenticity in the case.

    Used mandolins, click here.



  • Gibson A1 1918 due soon.


  • Gibson A 1916 due next week.


  • Sorensen Sprite.

    Steve is so busy he isn't having time to supply many dealer orders. I am not expecting another from him this year so grab this outstanding mandolin while you can.

    Another absolutely stunning mandolin from Steve. It has everything you could want in the tone (and looks) department, its very full and rich with great warmth and complexity, fantastic definition and note separation and a chop for the bluegrassers up with the very best. It responds beautifully to the lightest touch and the heaviest pick.

    Sorensen mandolins, click here.



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