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  • Batson GC sitka/ rosewood USED £3375.

    Cory says this is his best yet, I agree, that cathedral organ bass I keep talking about is plentiful here. If its a strong bass response (and rich and warm mids and clear trebles) you are looking for, look no further.

    Used guitars, click here.


    bg f cbg b cbg l cbg sh c

  • McElroy OO 12 fret Adirondack/Koa USED. £3375.

    Fantastic OO from Brent. The OO is my favourite guitar body size and this is a great example of why. The Adirondack and koa give it remarkable clarity and projection and the deep body add great depth and warmth. Strong, well defined bass notes, rich and full mids and clear and sparkling mids. Its also a joy to play.

    Used guitars, click here.



  • Gibson A3 1915. £1995.

    One of the best condition teens Gibsons I've seen. With original case (working fine but one hinge broken), tailpiece and pickguard and clamp, replacement tuners. Lots of that gorgeous deep and mellow sound, fantastic rich and full basses, warm mids and clear trebles.

    Used mandolins, click here.


  • Gibson style O

    Another on its way.



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