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  • Peggy White Reesling USED.

    Wow! Rich, full deep and warm with volume, definition and projection. I have never before heard such solid, clear and well defined trebles on a guitar of this size. If you are looking for a small guitar that does everything a bigger one will do look no further.

    It takes a great teacher (Linda Manzer) and a great student to achieve this level of perfection.

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    w fw bw egw hc

  • Leo Buendia video by Isaac Jang.



  • Bown OM German spruce/cocobolo 2009.

    A very rare opportunity to get a recent Ralph Bown guitar. Clive Carroll will tell you how amazing Ralph's guitars are. Only Ralph can tell you how long his waiting list is but last I heard it was around three years. Built in 2009 this beauty is in as new condition.

    The combination of German spruce, cocobolo and Ralph's talents produces the expected wonderful tone. It has incredible balance from the lowest to highest notes with perfect definition all the way. The bass notes are rich and well defined as you would expect from cocobolo. The mids are very complex and warm with remarkable depth of tone. The trebles are clear and very full, again as expected from German spruce and Ralph's skills.

    This is a very versatile guitar with fantastic responsiveness from the fingers or a pick.

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    fbc shhc

  • Laurent Brondel video by Isaac Jang.

  • Bowerman Guitar Bodied Octave Mandolin USED.

    Another gorgeous octave mandolin from Jayson, is as new condition.

    It has unbelievable solid and well defined warm bass notes, fantastic rich and complex mids and full/clear trebles. None of that muddiness common to flat-top octave mandolins here, it has definition and projection a plenty and it plays beautifully.

    Sitka top, rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck, 24" scale and a hardshell case.

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    b fb hb shb d



  • John Slobod, Circa Guitars video.


  • Matsuda video by Isaac Jang.


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  • Buchanan bouzouki with a 25" scale length. £750.

    Buchanan bouzouki with a 25" scale length. £750. Adirondack top and gorgeous birdseye maple back and sides with rosewood binding and hardshell case. In excellent condition. The tone is very deep and rich, with great volume and warmth, it is tuned GDAE (an octave below the mandolin) with octave pairs for the G and D.

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  • Benjamin Baritone with Baggs M1 pickup 2004. Reduced from £3995 to £2995.

    Benjamin Baritone with Baggs M1 pickup 2004. Reduced from £3995 to £2995.

    Made by local luthier Nick Benjamin in 2004. With a 27" scale this beautiful baritone hits those low notes with ease. It has fantastic depth and resonance and with the 12 fret body join feels like a standard guitar to play.

    In excellent condition, currently tuned B to B.

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    b fc b db bb sh

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