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  • 1924 snakehead.

    1924 Gibson snakehead due next week.



  • Patrick James Eggle Custom Linville German spruce/Madagascar rosewood 2001.

    Custom Linville in German spruce and Madagascar rosewood. In excellent condition with one small ding near the bridge.

    It has a very warm and full tone - as you would expect from this wood combination - with well defined bass notes, luscious mids and clear and sweet trebles. It has fantastic separation and clarity as is typical of Madagascar rosewood with great projection and clarity.

    Used guitars, click here.


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  • Collings MT with gloss top USED.

    In as new condition. The new price on this now would be £2795.

    This beauty has the renowned Collings f hole sound, its very powerful with great chop and cut and a deep and warm resonant  sound, only the best mandolins have both. It responds fantastically to a hard pick or the lightest touch, sweet and mellow or a bluegrass cannon, take your pick (pun intended).

    Used mandolins, click here.


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  • Gibson F2 1915.

    1915  Gibson F2 in truly amazing condition. Red sunburst finish, the beautiful Handel tuners, original bridge, pickguard and clamp, tailpiece and cover and case.

    This wonderful F2 has great balance across the tonal range, non of the bass dominance you find in some old Gibsons. It is sweet and bright with great definition and depth and resonance.

    Used mandolins, click here.


    g f2bg h tg fc3

  • Breedlove Quartz OO £695.

    Excellent condition Breedlove Quartz oval hole made in Tumalo, Oregon USA. This is before the Two Old Hippies take over and not to be confused with the current crossover series which are made in China. Its sounds great with deep basses and mids, lots of resonance and clear trebles.

    With hard case.

    Used mandolins, click here.


    b fb bb hb bcl

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