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  • Jeff Traugott, Legendary Luthiers talk.

    Jeff Traugott is here for his Legendary Luthiers Day talk (on the right, I am the seedy looking one on the left).

    Traugott guitars, click here.



  • Collings D2H 2015.

    Fantastic classic rosewood dreadnought sound, very deep, warm and resonant with lots of headroom and great projection. It has fantastic volume and definition. In excellent condition.

    Used guitars, click here.


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  • Newsletter.

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  • Northfield Big Mon F5 Engelmann spruce top.

    Big Mon with Engelmann Spruce top, violin varnish neck, engraved Bill James tailpiece.

    This is my seventh Big Mon in the last year. I don't expect this beauty will be around any longer than the other five.

    The Northfield Big Mon has been creating quite a stir. It has a big fat tone with fantastic volume and projection. Created as the ideal bluegrass hoss (or cannon if you prefer) it has an amazing chop and great depth and richness of tone to take on pretty well any style, with great responsiveness from the lightest touch to the heaviest attack with a thick pick it is fantastic for all types of playing.

    Northfield mandolins, click here.



  • Gibson A snakehead due soon.

    Gibson A snakehead due soon.
  • Pava F5 Professional.

    Pava does it yet again. This fantastic F5 IS the master of all trades. It is powerful with a fantastic chop for the bluegrassers, responding to a heavy pick superbly. With a gentler approach it is very responsive with rich and mellow, well defined basses, warm and full mids and thick and equally well defined trebles. I am speechless, this lady is a genius.

    Gloss finish, Adirondack red spruce top, red maple back and sides, double bound top and back, bound fingerboard and peg head, Rubner tuners, James tailpiece, MoP logo, headstock inlay and fret markers, Travellite case.

    Pava mandolins, click here.



  • Traugott BK koa.

    The Koa BK is Jeff's signature model and now I know why. This is a truly outstanding guitar.

    From the deep, luscious basses through the complex and warm mids to the clear and bell-like trebles the definition and projection is exactly the same. I have never before had such a well balanced guitar.

    It's hard to know what to say about such an incredible instrument... The bass notes are immense and well defined. The mids have a depth and complexity that is rarely heard. The trebles are fat and full with great clarity and definition.

    Reputations like Jeff's take many years to establish and total dedication to maintain, craftsmanship at this level is an honour to witness.

    Traugott guitars, click here.


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  • 1924 Gibson A4 snakehead due soon.

    1924 Gibson A4 snakehead due soon.



  • 1924 Gibson A2Z snakehead due soon.

    1924 Gibson A2Z snakehead due soon.



  • Traugott BK koa and visit.

    Jeff Traugott’s BK Koa is on its way.

    There is still a few ticket’s left for his Legendary Luthiers event on the 15th.

    Info and tickets click here.



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