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  • Four snakeheads.

    The headstocks of the four recently arrived snakeheads.

    Used mandolins, click here.



  • David Wren.

    David Wren open his build list and closed it very quickly. I am very fortunate to have two guitars booked for late 2017 and 2018.
    Here is the first set of wood I have reserved.
  • Gibson A4 snakehead 1924.

    Gibson A-4hairline top crack from bridge to binding, original hard case.

    This beauty is one of the best snakes I've heard, as loud as an F5 and with the oval hole sound but pumped up with fantastic clarity and separation. The A2Z snakehead is widely regarded as best of the snakeheads for tone but the A4 snakehead has all the pop of an A2Z but with more depth and resonance.

    Used mandolins, click here.











  • Gibson 1924 A2Z snakehead.

    The holy grail of the snakehead holy grails let me explain. The Gibson snakehead mandolin, spottable by the distinctive headstock shape and produced during the time that Lloyd Loar was at Gibson is widely considered to be the pinnacle of Gibson's oval hole mandolins. The A2Z is regarded as the best sounding and is the most sought after of the snakeheads.

    The reason for this is that you get the benefits of the depth and resonance of an oval hole mandolin but with amazing projection and clarity, the best of both worlds. The is a very fine example of the holy grail.

    Adjustable truss-rod, adjustable bridge, natural top finish, really nice clean solid overall excellent condition, original but for expertly done new frets, original hard case.

    Used mandolins, click here.

    h fc


  • Traugott BK koa video.


    Traugott BK koa from acoustic music co on Vimeo.


  • Clark guitar bodied octave mandolin (GoM) cutaway USED.

    In excellent condition, save £1100 on the new price.

    Gorgeous sunburst guitar bodied octave mandolin, 20.25" scale, ebony tailpiece, bound ebony pickguard, ebony bridge, Adirondack Spruce top and Red Maple back and sides, bound in ivoroid with black/white purfling, varnish finish, abalone and MoP headstock inlay and it comes in a custom Ameritage case.

    The jazz guitar bodied octave mandolin seems to be the way to go, it has magical qualities, bass that I've not heard in other octaves, it is well defined and solid, if you like your octave mandolins jangly this is not for you. If you like a strong bass and lots of deep warm sound with great definition and projection it is perfect.

    Used mandolins, click here.


    c fc bc hcc bcl

  • Gibson A snakehead 1923.

    1923 Loar era snakehead in excellent condition. All original, pickguard, pickguard clamp, tuners, tailpiece and cover and case.

    The snakehead is widely considered to be the holy grail of Gibson oval hole mandolins, with good reason.

    It has oodles of the classic snakehead sound, very loud with fantastic punch and projection. An oval hole mandolin with attitude, it also responds well to a lighter touch with great definition and warm, deep tones.

    Used mandolins, click here.



  • Gibson A1 snakehead 1924.

    This blacktop, varnish finish A-1 has the top and back binding typical of an A-2. The peghead sports a faux abalone “The Gibson” logo and it has the adjustable truss rod and ebony bridge typical of the Loar era. Original tuners and tailpiece, but missing pickguard. One barely noticeable and professionally repaired top crack from the rosette to the top of the mandolin on the treble side. Great tone and playability with a slim, fast neck. OHSC.

    This has the classic snakehead sound with the fat and full tone of a Gibson oval hole with added pop and clarity, the best of both worlds.

    Used mandolins, click here.



  • 1917 Gibson F4 due next week.

    1917 Gibson F4 due next week.
    Beltramo, Alice Potter, 046
    Beltramo, Alice Potter, 062
  • Jeff Traugott's Legendary luthier day.

    Some more photos of Jeff Traugott's Legendary Luthiers day.





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