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  • Ellis A4.

    I have just received this stunning A4 from Tom Ellis for a customer.
    More photos here.
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  • Newsletter.

    My latest newsletter is out.

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  • Gibson H1 mandola 1917 pumpkin top.

    And last but by no means least.

    Gibson H1 mandola 1917 pumpkin top in incredible condition apart from the ding on the top and a few other very minor scuffs it looks new, its as shiny as a new pin! All original; tuners, tuner pegs, pickguard and clamp, tailpiece and cover, bridge and case.

    Ooodles of that wonderful deep and dark tone, there is nothing that sounds quite like one of these old Gibbo mandolas, the resonance just keeps going and going and going….

    Used mandolins, click here.


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  • Gibson H2 mandola 1921 sunburst.

    Number two for today.

    Gibson H2 mandola 1921 sunburst.

    Excellent condition 1921 H2 mandola, still with the original shine. All original; tuners, tuner pegs, pickguard and clamp, tailpiece and cover and bridge with a modern case.

    This one has that amazing vintage Gibson mandola tone, lots of deep and resonant bases with full mids and trebles and a little extra sparkle and crispness giving it very good projection.

    Used mandolins, click here.


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  • Gibson H1 mandola 1924 black top.

    Its three dola day!

    Still shiny after all these years! Amazing condition 1924 Gibson H1 mandola. All original; tuners, tuner pegs, pickguard and clamp, tailpiece and cover, bridge and case.

    And most importantly of all the tone! It looks like it hasn't been played much but it sounds like it has been played daily. Lots of that incredible deep and rich tone with endless sustain.

    Used mandolins, click here.


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  • Gibson H1 mandola blackface 1924.

    Gibson H1 mandola blackface 1924 due to arrive tomorrow.
  • Northfield Big Mon F5 mandolin. Engelmann spruce top.

    Big Mon with Engelmann Spruce top, violin varnish neck, engraved Bill James tailpiece,  standard size F Holes.

    This is my sixth Big Mon in the last year. i don't ecpect this beauty will be around any longer than the other five.

    The Northfield Big Mon has been creating quite a stir. It has a big fat tone with fantastic volume and projection. Created as the ideal bluegrass hoss (or cannon if you prefer) it has great depth and richness of tone to take on pretty well any style, with great responsiveness from the lightest touch to the heaviest attack with a thick pick.

    From the Northfield website. "Our "Big Mon" Mandolin is something we created in our shop. In an effort to try and create a little more mid range and bass response, with a nice airy sound, we developed this model to have a distinct voice. Here's what we did..

    The "Big Mon" body style is just slightly different than the standard size. We've increased the width of the body, at its widest point, by 5mm. We've also adjusted the depth/width of the sides a little in a few places. Everything is in proportion to this change, so it results in a slightly larger body overall. It's not very noticeable unless you compare it directly to another standard size by lining them up back to back."

    Northfield mandolins, click here.


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  • Gibson H2 mandola 1921 due 15th September.

    Gibson H2 mandola 1921 due 15th September.


  • Gibson H1 mandola 1917 pumpkin top

    Due 15th September.

    Used mandolins, click here.




  • Used Eggle Parlour £1695.

    This is a little beauty - strictly speaking bigger than a parlour with a 13.5" lower bout - punches above its weight. It has good volume with a very deep and warm tone with rich bass notes and warm and complex mids and clear trebles. It plays beautifully and sounds sweet.

    Used guitars, click here.


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