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  • Weber Fern A5: A style, f hole USED

    This is on consignment. The owner is looking for a quick sale so it has been reduced by 20% from £2995 to £2395.

    Built in 2014, in excellent condition.

    This is Bruce's top of the line A mandolin. Its a stunner and features a hand graduated and tuned solid Red Spruce/Adirondack top, hand scalloped spruce tone bars, flamed maple back and sides, "The Weber" script in MOP and Fern inlay in Abalone,  cast Weber gold tailpiece, gold Grover tuners, Traditional Brekke Bridge and comes in a deluxe rectangular case.

    Its a Fern F5 without the strap hanger and around three grand less but has 'the sound', its punchy with enough chop to lay low a few ban*os, with a sweet and sublime power. A gentler approach yields a very sweet, rich and warm sound with great separation and balance. This is a truly outstanding all-rounder.

    Whether hunting ban*oes or serenading, this beauty will be a faithful and willing accomplice.

    Used mandolins, click here.





  • Lowden F35 Amazon rosewood Newtonards with EMG pickup. £2250.

    Newtonards made (1989 -2003) F35 in excellent condition with EMG pickup.

    All the classic rich, full and resonant Lowden tone in bucket loads here. Plugged in or acoustically it has great balance and definition from the lowest bass notes to the highest trebles.

    Used guitars, click here.


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  • Lowden O12-12 Newtonards with Fishman pickup. £1795.

    Newtonards e (1989 - 2003) O12-12 in excellent condition.

    It has what you are looking for in a great twelve string guitar, fantastic depth, warmth and resonance and great clarity in the high notes.

    Used guitars, click here.


    l fl hl bl hc





  • Fredell S 'Astrid' Bearclaw sitka/Higuerilla 2013 Used.

    This is on consignment. The owner is looking for a quick sale so it has been reduced by 20% from £4500 to £3595.

    Another rare opportunity to get one of Gustav's fine guitars.

    This is one of the lightest guitars I've ever had in (yes I weigh them but you can feel it in this case), hence playability and responsiveness are remarkable.

    It has a  full and rich tone with fantastic character and complexity and great balance and definition.

    Built in 2013, in excellent condition.

    Used guitars, click here.


    s f cs b cs hc cs d c

  • Gibson A4 1917.

    Fantastic 1917 sunburst A4 with fleur-de-lis logo, original tailpiece and cover, tuners and buttons, modern case.

    Its another loud one with low action and plays well all the way up the fretboard. Classic teens Gibbo full and rich tone with great basses, rich and full mids and clear trebles.

    Used mandolins, click here.


    a fa ba hca

  • Gibson F4 1920.

    1920 Gibson F4. Red sunburst finish, bound 2-point body, carved spruce top, oval soundhole, triple ring rosette, fantastic flamed maple back and sides, original ebony bridge, original tailpiece and cover, tuner and tuner buttons and original case.

    This is a LOUD one and with mojo a plenty (aka active life) similar to the one I sold to Peggy of the Fairports (see above). It has the classic F4 teens sound with amazing depth and resonance and lots of that full and warm tone. All present an correct, no issues. It plays beautifully all the way up the neck with low action and a its at a great price.

    Used mandolins, click here.


    4 f34 b4 h4 tp

  • PRICE REDUCTION. de Jonge Standard redwood/figured bubinga USED

    This is on consignment. The owner is looking for a quick sale so it has been reduced by 20% from £4960 to £3965.

    Made in 2011. In excellent condition.

    An incredibly beautiful guitar from Sergei, and incredible sound. Its warm and full with outstanding balance. As I keep saying only the very best luthiers can combine tonal qualities that to lesser mortals would be mutually exclusive. To get this level of warmth with great separation, clarity and attack is a remarkable achievement.

    Used guitars, click here.


    d d cd bc cd h cd fc c

  • Jeff Traugott BK koa and Legendary Luthiers day.

    This beauty will be here a few day’s before Jeff’s Legendary Luthiers day on the 15th of October.

    Details and tickets here.



  • Bourgeois Vintage Dreadnought Adirondack/Rosewood USED.

    In as new condition. £2650.

    A classic dreadnought in rosewood and Adirondack with the pre-war sound. This beauty has the punch and rich, deep bass to be expected of a dreadnought but more so than most, it also has a little more in the middle and top with clarity and projection for those who want to do more than flat-pick.

    Used guitars, click here.




  • Weber Custom Elite F5 USED.

    This is the third Weber Elite I’ve had in. They are built completely by Bruce himself in Montana. This beauty was built for Weber’s ace finish man Brett Byers in 2012.

    Engelmann Spruce top, spectacularly flamed maple back and sides, abbreviated fingerboard extension, tortoise/white/black body, fretboard and headstock binding, bound F holes, gold hardware, custom MoP fretboard inlay, abalone headstock inlay and custom Ameritage case.

    It is one of the most amazing looking and sounding mandolins I've ever seen or heard. Hand rubbed true spirit varnish custom finish by Brett Byers himself. The Elite series has been lauded by people with many decades in the mandolin world more than myself as the equal of any contemporary mandolins made by the so called big five (Gilchrist, Nugget, Monteleone, Dudenbostel and Heiden). It resonates as you handle it without playing a note, always a good sign. It responds equally well to the lightest touch or the thickest pick of the loudest player, it chops and barks and sings sweetly when asked. It has incredible power with remarkable depth and a very rich tone. It has that low end 'woof' of the very best f hole mandolins. Playability and response are amazing, it's as loud as any mandolin I've ever heard but often this is at the expense of subtlety and richness of tone, this is one of those rare mandolins that has it all!

    Used mandolins, click here.


    e fe sce bcle hc


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