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  • Kinnaird oak parlour USED.

    Having seen an oak guitar by Steve at the Memphis show last summer and having loved both the oak guitars I've had in before I ordered this beauty. It was well worth the wait!

    It sounds fantastic, Ed my tech describes it as 'caramel' and adds that it is superbly balanced, I agree. Its loud beyond its pint size with sweet tone and plays like a dream. I love it.

    In excellent condition except for one ding on the top below the bridge near the edge (hard to photograph). New price now would be £5595.

    When Stephen Kinnaird was on a trip to the UK he visited the Hospital of St Cross in Winchester, which is Britain's oldest charity. He was greatly inspired by the ceiling of the church, and used the design for the rosette and the backstrip of this parlour guitar. It is very beautiful and adds to what is anyway a very special instrument. Part of the proceeds from the sale will be going to Stephen, and part will go the charity. For the person who buys it this is a chance to own something unique, and something quite magical.

    Used guitars, click here.


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  • Northfield F2S mandolin

    Northfield has gained a fantastic reputation over the last few years. This is my first oval hole from them and what a beauty it is.

    With an Adirondack (red) spruce top and gorgeous flamed maple back and sides it sounds as good as it looks. It has the beautiful rich and deep tones you would want from an oval hole mandolin and great clarity and definition (thanks in part to the Adirondack top) so you have a very full tone and great note separation making it fantastic for most styles of playing, folk, classical and old time (it even has a decent chop for the bluegrassers). It plays very easily and has plenty of volume, responding extremely well to a light touch or a heavier pick.

    Northfield mandolins, click here.


    n scn tpn bcn fc


  • Mark Franzke A4.

    This beauty has a very even sound from the lowest G all the way up the fretboard, not biased towards the bass notes like so many oval holed mandolins. The tone is very full and sweet with great individual note definition, fantastic for folk/old time and many more styles.

    Franzke mandolins, click here.


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  • Mark Franzke A5.

    It has a very balanced sound with full basses, rich and complex mids and clear, ringing trebles. The chop is what I refer to as 'musical' plenty of power and cut but with warmth and richness. Great for bluegrass and almost any other style of playing.

    Franzke mandolins, click here.


    a fa bcla ha d


  • Baranik Retreux Parlour 'Bee's Knees' USED

    This really is the bee's knees. It’s the fifth Parlour Retreaux I've had from Mike. The figured Bubinga is the most spectacular I've seen. The tone is very warm with fantastic depth. £2500.

    Used guitars, click here.

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  • Clark guitar bodied octave mandolin (GoM) cutaway.

    Gorgeous sunburst guitar bodied octave mandolin, 20.25" scale, ebony tailpiece, bound ebony pickguard, Cumberland Acoustics bridge, Adirondack Spruce top and Red Maple back and sides, bound in ivoroid with black/white purfling, varnish finish, abalone and MoP headstock inlay and it comes in a custom Ameritage case.


    The jazz guitar bodied octave mandolin seems to be the way to go, it has magical qualities, bass that I've not heard in other octaves, it is well defined and solid, if you like your octave mandolins jangly this is not for you. If you like a strong bass and lots of deep warm sound with great definition and projection it is perfect.

    Clark mandolins, click here.


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  • SATURDAY 6th August. RESTRICTED ACCESS. Pride Village Party.

    This coming Saturday St James’s St will be closed for the Pride Village Party, ticket holders only. It would be better to visit on another day if you can (Tues – Sat 11.00 to 6.00).  I will be open as usual from 11.00 until 6.00. If you want to visit you can ask one of the Marshalls at the High St (just around the corner) or Dorset Gardens and they will either give you a pass or escort you to my shop.

  • Weber Fern A5: A style, F hole USED.

    Built in 2014 in excellent condition. Save £800 on the new price.


    This is Bruce's top of the line A mandolin. Its a stunner and features a hand graduated and tuned solid Red Spruce/Adirondack top, hand scalloped spruce tone bars, flamed maple back and sides, "The Weber" script in MOP and Fern inlay in Abalone, cast Weber gold tailpiece, gold Grover tuners, Traditional Brekke Bridge and comes in a deluxe rectangular case.

    Its a Fern F5 without the strap hanger and around three grand less but has 'the sound', its punchy with enough chop to lay low a few ban*os, with a sweet and sublime power. A gentler approach yields a very sweet, rich and warm sound with great separation and balance. This is a truly outstanding all-rounder.

    Whether hunting ban*oes or serenading, this beauty will be a faithful and willing accomplice.

    Used mandolins, click here.


    ff hcf ff bc




  • Isaac Jang article.

    An article about Issac Jang in the latest Acoustic Guitar magazine.
    064-065_285_Makers-Isaac Jang (1 of 2)064-065_285_Makers-Isaac Jang (2 of 2)

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