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  • Used Weber 22" scale Bitterroot F4 octave mandolin

    Used Weber 22" scale Bitterroot F4 octave mandolin in excellent condition with original case. Save £1145 on the new price.

    Used mandolins, click here.

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  • My latest newsletter is out.

  • Collings MT mandolin.

    This is Collings' entry level mandolin but it has everything you would expect from Collings. It has great volume with a fantastic and powerful bluegrass chop, strong bass notes, warm and complex mids and clear trebles. Its much more than a bluegrass cannon with a very full tone that is great for all styles.

    Collings mandolins, click here.

    cc fc bc h


  • Weber Bitterroot F4 Octave Mandolin.
    A beautiful F4 style octave mandolin with hand graduated spruce top. It has a fantastic full and rich tone with strong and well defined bass notes, full and rich mids and clear trebles. It has great balance and projection and with a 20" scale length it plays very easily.
    b tpb scb hcb
  • Peggy White Reesling parlour.

    There has been a lot of discussion on the Acoustic Guitar Forum recently about the tonal properties of maple. Having been a believer for a long time that in the hands of a skilled luthier it makes a fantastic tonewood for the back and sides of guitars (as well as mandolins) I am delighted to see the consensus heading my way.

    This gorgeous Reesling parlour guitar from Peggy proves my point. It has fantastic clarity and balance with a lovely deep and resonant tone. The bass notes are full and well defined, the mids warm and complex and the trebles bright, warm and clear.

    Peggy White guitars, click here.


    ww fcw bw sh

  • Collings MT black top

    Collings MT with gloss black top and ivoroid binding.

    Ain’t this a beauty? It has the classic Collings f hole tone, fantastic volume and projection and a great chop for bluegrass. It also has excellent depth and warmth making it great for all styles. As with all Collings mandolins it plays easily and responds well to all types of playing.

    Collings mandolins, click here.

    m fm bm dm h


  • Matsuda mini

    I have build underway with Mitchi Matsuda. It's his amazing mini model in African blackwood.

    More details on an AGF thread here.



  • Peggy White's Reesling Parlour

    Peggy White's Reesling parlour is due to ship today.



  • Kinnaird Oak parlour.

    The latest oak parlour photos from Steve Kinnaird.



  • Laskin Birds of Paradise top.

    And the top.



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