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  • Pava A5 blond

    This beauty has absolutely incredible tone! Its one of the best sounding mandolins I've ever played. It has remarkable volume and achieves that rare feat of having fantastic depth and resonance at the same time as clarity and cut (bluegrass players please note, the chop is outstanding).

    No question here of what styles of playing it is suitable for, it will do everything from quiet and gentle to loud and aggressive.

    Used mandolins, click here.



  • Baranik Meridian Concert, Colorado blue spruce and African blackwood.

    What an incredible guitar! There is everything you could want here. Power and projection, rich and full/well define bass notes, warm and complex mids with clear bell-like trebles.

    It responds beautifully to any style of playing from a gentle caress to a heavy pick.

    Baranik guitars, click here.

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  • Collings MT2

    Fantastic and gorgeous Collings MT2 mandolin with very clear sound with great depth, balance and one of the loudest chops I've heard. Great for bluegrass and almost anything else.

    Collings mandolins, click here.

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  • Tobin Mandola.

    Andy Tobin mandola (CGDA) in excellent condition 18 1/8" scale, with Gator case.

    It is very full and loud sounding with a very deep and resonant bass, rich and warm mids and bright, clear trebles.

    Used mandolins click here.

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  • Gorgeous distressed finish Weber Vintage A octave mandolin in excellent condition, 22" inch scale with original case. Hand graduated spruce top and solid flamed maple back and sides. The top, back, neck and headstock are bound, the fretboard is radiussed ebony and it has a solid/cast stainless steel tailpiece, dual action truss rod, Grover tuners, 'The Weber' and flowerpot headstock inlay.

    From Acoustic reviewer Steve Bennett. "It has a very rich tone with fantastic clarity and beautiful sustain with that elusive vintage old time tone. Warmth and clarity in one package, hard to beat."

    Used mandolins, click here.

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  • Kinnaird oak parlour.

    The latest photos of the oak parlour from Steve Kinnaird.

    AGF thread here.




  • Sobell 2A 1990

    1990 Sobell 2A with a top repair, done by Stefan many years ago. This first thing that strikes me about this guitar is it's great sustain. It also has very well defined bass notes, warm and complex mids and bright and clear trebles. £3995.

    Used guitars, click here.


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  • Used Franzke/Flinthills F5 special £1995.

    Its loud with powerful mids giving a great 'woof' of air from a chop chord, solid and woody bases and clear, well defined sharp trebles. Great for bluegrass, as mentioned, but it also has a richness in tone to make it a very versatile mandolin.
    It has some honest play wear but is structurally sound with no issues. Hence the amazing price, this is one heck of a lot of F5 for a tad under two grand.
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  • Used Yellowstone AT honey/tortoise

    Used Weber Yellowstone A5 in the gorgeous honey and tortoise finish.

    Used mandolins, click here.

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