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  • Stephen Strahm Eros review.

    Fantastic five star review of Stephen Strahm's Eros by Steve Bennett in the just out Acoustic magazine.

    Strahm 1Strahm 2 2Strahm 3Strahm 4

  • '22 Snakehead

    1922 Loar era snakehead in excellent condition. All original, pickguard, pickguard clamp, tuners, tailpiece and cover and case.

    The snakehead is widely considered to be the holy grail of Gibson oval hole mandolins, with good reason.

    It has oodles of the classic snakehead sound, very loud with fantastic punch and projection. An oval hole mandolin with attitude, it also responds well to a lighter touch with great definition and warm, deep tones.

    Used mandolins, click here.

    c fs hs bs tp



  • Stunning and drop dead gorgeous Collings MT with gloss amber top. And it sounds as good as it looks.

    Collings mandolins click here.

    c fcc bc


  • My latest newsletter is out.

    Gibson F4 1918. This is a LOUD one. It has the classic F4 teens sound with amazing depth and resonance and lots of that full and warm tone.

    Used mandolins, click here.
















  • 1915 Gibson A4 blackface in great shape with the original gorgeous Handel inlaid tuners, original tailpiece, pickguard and clamp and period case.

    It plays easily and sounds wonderful, rich and full with remarkable bass, warm mids and clear trebles.

    Used mandolins, click here.













  • Fantastic Lyon and Healy Style A, its in great shape and sounds wonderful.

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