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  • Goodall Grand Concert (OM) mahogany video.

    Click here to view.


  • Beautiful Summit A-100-s built in 2010 in excellent condition, £1195. New price would be £1495.

    It has Paul's characteristic sound, loud and punchy with great projection for the bluegrass player and plenty of depth for all styles. Comes with a rectangular violin style case.

    Used mandolins, click here.

  • Ensor OM video.

    Click here to view.

  • Peggy White's neck being hand carved (ouch!).











  • Phoenix Select mandolin.

    Another superlative mandolin from Rolfe. His instruments are always very light and responsive, you can feel them resonating as you get them out of the case!

    This beauty has a very full tone with fantastic volume and complexity. It has plenty of oomph for the bluegrass players with a deep and full, loud chop and responds excellently to the heaviest pick or the lightest touch. It barks or sings sweetly, doing whatever you ask of it. A very versatile and wonderful mandolin.

    Phoenix mandolins, click here to view.


  • National RM1 with hotplate.

    Great for blues and generally getting that wonderful resonator tone, National ResoPhonic mandolins are also fantastic for their unbelievable volume. I can still remember the first time I tuned one up and did my usual quick and hard three chord run to check tuning, my ears hurt. If you want to be heard in the pub in that noisy jam there is nothing better. Add the amazing hotplate pickup and you can fill a stadium.

    National Resophonic mandolins, click here.



  • Wilborn L sapele video.

    Click here to view.


  • The latest photos from Peggy White.

  • My latest guitar and mandolin newsletter is out.

    Guitar and mandolin newsletter, click here.

  • The latest photos from Grit Laskin.

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