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  • 1929 Martin O-18K in great condition.

    Used Guitars click here.

  • Fantastic Girouard A5. Max and Lauri’s mandolins sell as fast as I get them. You know what to do if this beauty floats your boat.

    Girouard mandolins, click to view.


  • Hatcher "The Tree" Penelope crossover customer order!!!!

    More photos here:

    Hatcher guitars.


  • Its here and it is amazing! The oak parlour guitar by Steve Kinnaird has created quite a stir on the AGF.

    Kinnaird guitars, click here.















  • 2011 Mann SEM 5 electric mandolin £1350. Wow! Electric mandolins don’t get any better than this!

    Used mandolins, click here.












  • This won’t be here long! Used Wren Remuda in waterfall bubinga.

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  • My latest newsletter is out.

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  • My first guitar from Tom Rein and what a beauty! Luscious mahogany richness with fantastic clarity and sweet tone. There is complexity and character in all tonal ranges from the strong and well defined bass notes through the full mids to the clear ringing trebles.

    With Tom's adjustable action it can be adjusted in a jiffy from low action for delicate fingerstyle to higher for a pick. Versatility doesn't get any more versatile than this.

    Tom Rein guitars, click here.

















  • Joel Stehr Auditorium Oregon myrtle.

    It has wonderful clarity and projection with great balance. All notes are crystal clear with outstanding definition and equal volume across the range. The bass notes are deep and lush with full and complex mids and rich trebles. It responds beautifully to a light touch or a more enthusiastic approach. A great all round guitar for all styles.

    Joel Stehr guitars. Click here.















  • There are many reasons why Jeff Traugott has had such a reputation for many decades, this is one of them.

    It is hard to describe tone at the best of times but at this level it becomes almost impossible. Suffice to say that it is truly incredible combing qualities that might be thought mutually exclusive, for instance resonance and clarity, depth and definition and subtlety and projection, you get them all in this remarkable guitar! The tone and responsiveness and are what made the Traugott legend.

    Jeff Traugott guitars, click here.















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