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  • My first from Dake Traphagen.

    This is exactly what I was expecting from Dake. It has remarkable definition with each note sounding true and clear from the lowest bass note to the highest treble the volume and presence of tone is the same. This leads to equally outstanding projection and an incredibly articulate guitar.

    Its full warm and clear and responds equally well to the lightest touch or a more vociferous approach. What more could you ask?

    Traphagen guitars, click here.











  • Alan Carruth OOO-14.

    In many ways twelve frets to the body and a cutaway is the perfect combination. It gives the sweetness of the more centred bridge position and allows access all the way to the top fret.

    It definately works on this beauty from Alan. The first thing that struck me about this guitar is its lightness and ease of play, it feels like a much smaller guitar. It sounds fantastic, rich and resonant with full and well defined bass notes, complex and expressive mids, clear, precise bell-like trebles and great balance and projection. What a beaut!

    Alan Carruth guitars. Click here.











  • On its way, due Friday, my first from Dake Traphagen. Its an OOO-14 in Carpathian spruce and Honduran rosewood. Dake has a fantastic reputation, I can't wait to try out this beauty.











  • More photos from Jeff Traugott. Looking good for delivery early in the new year.















  • Steve Kinnaird's oak parlour is back from the finishers and looking amazing!

    AGF build thread, click here.











  • My latest newsletter is out.

    Newsletter click here.

  • The Eastman 815v, varnish finish F5 mandolin is back in stock. This is one heck of a lot of bluegrass mandolin for £1450.

    Eastman mandolins, click here.












  • Jeff Traugott's R model in African blackwood is nearing completion, due around the end of this year.

    AGF build thread, click here.














  • Froggy Bottom M deluxe previously owned by Stuart Ryan. There is an MP3 of the title track of Stuart's latest album 'The Way Home' recorded on this guitar on my website entry.

    Used Guitars click here.











  • Stephen Strahm's guitar is nearly finished. I can't wait to hear this one, I can still clearly remember Stephen's amazing tone from the Memphis show.



















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