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  • Used Schenk FE, a great buy at £3375.

    Used Guitars click here.












  • 1909 Gibson H2 mandola. Its had a neck repair so just £1995.

    Used mandolins, click here.













  • My latest newsletter is out.

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  • My first guitar from former Somogyi apprentice Hiroshi Ogino is here and its an aesthetic and acoustic work of art.

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  • The latest photos from Tom Doerr.












  • Mark Hatcher is just completing this gorgeous Penelope in 'The Tree' mahogany for a TAMCO customer.

    Hatcher AGF thread.




































  • I hope everybody had a fantastic and fun Christmas day.

    Grit Laskin just sent me the first sketches for his next build 'Birds of Paradise'.

    Grit Laskin AGF build thread.





























  • Wow! Another stunning guitar bodied octave mandolin (GoM) from my old pal Bill Bussmann (aka Old Wave mandolins). There's something magic about the guitar bodied octave mandolin, fantastic balance and projection with strong and well defined bass, sweet and full mids and clear/rich trebles. I've never played a flat top octave mandolin that has the balanced and well defined tone of one of these.

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  • Steve Kinnaird's oak parlour is ready and will be here early in the new year.












  • Strahm Eros, Italian spruce and Amazon rosewood.

    The sound of Stephen's guitars has been going through my mind ever since the Memphis show. I tried a lot of great guitars there but the Strahms are the ones that I remember most clearly. Therefore my expectations were very high and I am not disappointed. It is no wonder that Jeff Traugott (Stephen worked with Jeff for while) said his tone was the closest to his own that he had heard. When Jeff played this one he told Stephen that it was his best yet. Hearing is believing!

    The depth and complexity of tone is just staggering, from the deep, dark and precise bass notes through lush and complex mids to the full 'piano like' trebles the balance and projection is remarkable. This beauty will fulfil all your desires, from a gentle caress to expressing outrage and anger and everthing in between. Grab it before Stephen puts his prices up!

    Strahm guitars, click here.
















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