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  • Used Kinnaird FS cedar/mahogany £3195.

    Add the warmth of cedar to the clarity of mahogany, 12 frets to the body and Steve and Ryan's prowess as luthiers and what to you get? This wonderful FS is the answer. Its loud, clear, warm and sweet, a versatile guitar that plays nothing like butter (thankfully) but it is light and very responsive and easy to play.

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  • My latest mandolin newsletter is out.

    Mandolin Newsletter, click here.

  • Four great mandolins in today. This used Collings MF deluxe is in as new condition and £1000 less than the new price!

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  • The Northfield Big Mon has been creating quite a stir. It has a big fat tone with fantastic volume and projection. Created as the ideal bluegrass hoss (or cannon if you prefer) it has great depth and richness of tone to take on pretty well any style, with great responsiveness from the lightest touch to the heaviest attack with a thick pick.

    Two in, same specs but one has a two piece back and the other a one peice back. First up the two peice, then the one peice.

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  • Fantastic and gorgeous Collings MT2 with very clear sound with great depth, balance and one of the loudest chops I've heard. Great for bluegrass and almost anything else.

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  • Used Sexauer FT-O-JB fan fret "Companion" with a lower bout of just 13.5" this is a easy to play as its gets, the fan fret feels totally natural and the tone is unbelievable, rich, full and warm. £3995.

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  • The latest from Stephen Strahm.












  • Max and Lauri Girouard pull it off again. Another stunning A5 mandolin.

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  • Joel Stehr's guitars don't hang around very long and its rare to get a used one in. This OO in Myrtle is a stunner and a great deal at £3495.

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