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  • Ray Kraut is here for the Legendary Luthier's event.







  • 2110 Greenfield G3 just in.

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  • My latest mandolin newsletter is out (complete with the usual typo, I expect there is more than one but that's all I've spotted so far).

    Mandolin newsletter, click here.


  • Used Weber Bitterroot F5 Octave mandolin. This one has had a re-glued back but its solid and sounds and plays well. The new price would be £3595 so its a great buy. It also has a K&K pickup.

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  • The long awaited Weber Yellowstone cutaway mandolin is here.

    It looks even more stunning in the flesh than it did in the photos I saw. It sounds great too

    Weber Mandolins, click here.















  • Ray Kraut's modified dreadnought is here.

    This is a truly incredible guitar! It responds equally well to the lightest caress or a heavy pick, it will do it all. The bass notes are big, fat and warm and have great definition. The mids are sweet, full and complex with clarity and depth. The trebles have the same volume as all the other notes and are very clear with a bell-like fullness.

    There is still a couple of tickets left for Ray's Legendary Luthier's event on Saturday.

    Tickets and more info on the guitar here.

    Ray Kraut guitars, click here.











  • The wonderful Weber Yellowstone F5 in the traditional sunburst finish is back.

    Weber Mandolins, click here.









  • My latest guitar newsletter is out.

    Guitar newsletter, click here.

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