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  • Sharleen Simmons' first guitar for TAMCO is here and I am speechless. Looks and tone, it is truly outstanding.

    Simmons Guitars click here.

















  • My latest guitar newsletter is out.

    Guitar Newsletter click here.

  • This is one of the most beautiful guitars I've had a TAMCO. Used Mark Hatcher Penelope, £2995, save £1000 on the new price.

    Used Guitars click here.












  • I have just received these photos from Ray Kraut of the Koa Mod D that will be here for his Legendary Luthier's event on 30th October, its going to the finisher today so no shiny surfaces yet.

    There's still a few tickets left.






















  • Finance is now available on all instruments.

    Its very easy to work out payments, just click on the Calculate Finance Options by any instrument and enter cost, deposit and payment period, it will give the payment amounts and total payment.

    Here are some examples.

    Cost £3000

    Deposit 10% £300

    Payment over 2 years, 24 payments £123.94

    Total payment £3274.56

    Cost of finance £274.56


    Cost £5000

    Deposit 10% £500

    Payment over 18 months, 18 payments of £259.59

    Total payment £5172.62 APR 4.9%

    Cost of finance £172.62

  • Fabulous used Marc Beneteau OO-12 with K&K pickup. This is one helluva lot of guitar for £3495.

    Used Guitars click here.

















  • Stephen Strahm's headstock is going to be a beauty.


  • Leo Buendia's first guitar for TAMCO is here.

    Truly awesome! Only a student of the legendary Ervin Somogyi could produce a guitar with such powerful and rich bass notes that is perfectly balanced and has even projection all the way to the highest note. The trebles have remarkable sustain and clarity. Every note is equally present and complex with fantastic colour. This is a phenomenal guitar!

    Buendia Guitars click here.



  • The latest photos from Stephen Strahm.

  • 2014 Lafferty LF5 deluxe made by Audey Ratliff in excellent condition. With hardshell case.

    It has a very full and rich tone with good volume and chop and its a beauty.

    Used mandolins, click here.


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