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  • Brondel C3 video.

  • The Laskin properly photographed. This is an awesome sounding guitar.

    Grit Laskin Guitars.

  • The Laskin is here and its wonderful. See previous post for more details. I had long been thinking that it would be good to get one of Grit's guitars without any of his amazing inlays so that folks could concentrate on the amazing tone. Here it is. Grit's inlaid guitars go for over £20 000 with this one you can get the same tone for £10 000. Better photos coming tomorrow.

    Grit Laskin Guitars.



  • My latest guitar newsletter is out.

    Guitar newsletter

  • The latest photos from Stephen Strahm.


  • The owner is looking for a quick sale so the Ralph Bown 1990 J is going for a song at £3250. Used Bowns don't come up very often, grab it while you can.

    Used Guitars.



  • Oxwood OM video.

  • Ken Franklin Carnelian video.

  • Never to be repeated!

    An opportunity to get a Grit Laskin Guitar for ten grand! Due Friday or Tuesday, sitka and ziricote.

    Here's why, from Grit..

    A very good friend of mine owns a Folklore Centre / Music Store / Music School that had been struggling financially for the last five of its 39 years. The community around this ‘institution’ raised some funds, which was a temporary reprieve for the Centre, and I wanted to do what I could to help. I had an available spot on my order list so I built a relatively unadorned (for me) guitar just for this Folklore Centre.

    The plan was to auction the guitar and my friend would get half of the proceeds.

    In the end, given that his clientèle were not those who seek out the higher-end instruments, like those who come to The Acoustic Music Company, the auction didn’t bear fruit. Fair enough, so it went on the wall of the store, on consignment (my way of not impacting my friend’s cash-flow).

    The timing however turned out to be the worst. My friend had reached the end of his financial rope and has been forced to declare bankruptcy. He gave me advance notice so that I could remove the guitar before it was caught up in the unfortunate event.

    I immediately wrote to Trevor, offering it to The Acoustic Music Co. at a very reduced valuation, the better to be able to quickly get some cash that I can turn around and present to my friend, to help him through this rough time. And to my delight, Trevor jumped on the opportunity to be able to offer one of my guitars at a much less than normal cost.

  • Brentrup GC video.

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