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  • Koa Delight!

    This is one of the easiest guitars to play that I've had. Its light with a 24.75" scale, twelve frets to the body and a cutaway, unbelievably responsive and a demonstration of what a great luthier can do with Koa. In mass-produced guitars Koa is usually considered to be bright but lacking in depth and warmth. Not so in the hands of Charlie Hoffman. £2995.



  • There is much confusion about what size a parlour guitar is. Some use the term for guitars with a lower bout up to fourteen inches. To me a true parlour has around a twelve and a half inch lower bout like this little beauty from Trevor Kronbauer, yours for £1250.


  • One of these was my only mandolin for 20 years! Ibanez 522 from the 70s. £200.…

  • The Laskin Da Vinci guitar should be here on Friday.

    From Grit "the African Blackwood is the equal, in my experience, to old growth Brazilian, especially in terms of its instantaneous responsiveness."

    There's still a few tickets left for Grit's visit, get one here.

  • After a long absence the Weber Gallatin F5 in natural finish is back in stock (I also have two in faded leather finish in stock). The Gallatins are great value for money, simple and beautiful styling and all the luscious Weber tone, lots of A5s in too.…/…/weber-mandolins.html


  • Just had this fantastic Kinnaird OM in, sorry it is a customer order, you can't have it.. But you can order one and I have a couple of Steve's guitars in stock.

    You can see an AGF build thread here.…

    And my stock of Kinnaird guitars here.…/guitar-luithers/kinna…


  • Ain't this a beauty? Weber Yellowstone octave mandolin in the gorgeous honey and tortoise finish.…/…/weber-mandolins.html


  • Truly awesome Kimble F5. The owner is looking for a quick sale so its yours for £5995! I thought it was a great buy when it first went out for £6995, save a grand and get a great mandolin.

    This is one of the most awesome mandolins I've played. In Engelmann spruce and red maple, with a traditional sunburst French polished finish, top, back, fretboard and headstock, ivoroid/black/white bindings, 16” radius ebony fretboard, with a 1 3/32” nut width, banjo fretwire, 22 frets, flowerpot headstock inlay, abbreviated tortoise pickguard, gold hardware with Alessi tuners and James tailpiece and Ameritage climate control case. Beauty and the beast - that's tone not looks (beauty only for looks) - it has a rich, deep and warm tone and turns into a beast with very little effort, few mandolins are this loud, even fewer with so little effort. I have found that a characteristic of this level of mandolin is that they have tonal qualities that would be a trade-off for other makers. Great depth and complexity with warmth and resonance but fantastic clarity and definition also. It's always hard to describe sound, it's even harder at this level.. come and try it out...

  • Paul Hathway folk mandolin just in. £375.…


  • Beautiful Capek A4 blonde mandolin just in. …  

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