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  • Used Weber Gallatin F5 in the beautiful faded leather finish. Save £500 on the new price.…



  • Great condition 1917 Gibson A1 just in. £1350.


  • There seems to be some confusion over the name of this one, the headstock says 'The Flatiron', the label reads The Gibson Master Model Performer A, this is not unusual for Gibson...

    Anyways its a Performer A model made in Nashville in 2000 and a heck of a lot of mandolin for a tad under a grand at £995.…


  • Gorgeous used Weber Bitterroot A5 with K&K pickup.…


  • I am delighted to be representing Sharleen Simmons in the UK. I met Sharleen when she came with Gustav Fredell when he delivered a guitar. I was very impressed with the guitar she had with her for its beautiful lines and pure tone so placed an order for my first build. As many will know Gustav tragically left us recently. Sharleen will be finishing a few guitars in Sweden before returning to Newfoundland.

    Here's the first few build shots, its in European spruce and African blackwood.


  • Grit's visit was a huge success. His talk was incredible covering everything from his patent on guitar humidifiers, through the history of his development of the arm bevel and part in the development of the sound port and some great slides of his inlay work.


  • Grit Laskin is here.


  • Gibson Master Model F5 2002 signed by Charlie Derrington just reduced by £1000 to £7995.

    Grab it while you can.…


  • Grit Laskin has arrived in Brighton, there's three tickets still available for his Legendary Luthier event tomorrow.

    Tickets here.…/g…/laskin-guitars.html


  • 1980 Gibson F5. £1995.

    Well they say (you know, them!) you learn something every day. And occasionally its nice to be proved wrong! (Or should I say very occasionally?). I had always understood (not from personal experience as I haven't had any in from that period I mean 'them' again) that Gibson mandolins from this era sounded like an underwater ukulele! I guess every rule has an exception, this one has very full and rich tone with a great dry chop.

    Its signed by the President (no not Mr Jimmy 'peanut' Carter), the president of Gibson, looks like Marvin Luck, I have posted on the mandolin cafe on a thread started by 'Joechem' called Gibson Head Luthiers which developed into trying to find as many Gibson mandolin signatories as possible. This one isn't listed so far, catch the thread <a HREF="…">here.</a>

    It has wonderful flamed maple on the back and sides and comes with the original case, key and warranty card!…


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