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  • And how about a groovy blue resonator guitar? A Beltona Southerner with Cutaway.

  • Nineteen eighty six A4 style mandolin by David Oddy. Sweet tone and a sweet price. £995.…

  • The Weber Gallatin F5 is back after a long while without one. These are great value at £2295.…/…/weber-mandolins.html


  • Goodall Standard for £2495! A few marks and scratches but it plays better than a new one (£5000+)!

  • My most popular mandolin is back in stock. The wonderful Webber Bitterroot F5.


  • Fantastic Tobin 10 string just in. Tuned CGDAE it is a mandocello and bouzouki/octave mandolin all in one. With Calton case, £1695.…

  • My latest mandolin newsletter is out. My apologies to subscribers for sending it uncompleted the first time, and with a terrible typo in the second copy.

    I'm doing the whole thing in MailChimp now so its not visible on my website. You can sign up here:…/about…/newsletter.html

    There’s five new mandolin and mandolin family instruments in since the last newsletter.

    I am very excited about the Northfield mandolins. They have gained a phenomenal reputation in the USA and I am not disappointed, great build quality, great tone and great prices. £2295 for a fully vanished and bound F5 is a steal.

    Two Webers back in stock, the great value Bitterroot F5 and a top of the line Fern F5.

    A Yellowstone F5 in traditional sunburst finish should be here next week.

    Talking of value its hard to beat the Ratliff R5 at £2495.

    And a fantastic octave mandolin from Max an Lauri Girouard. The back has quilt and flame in one piece!

    No less than eleven used mandolins in since the last newsletter! One of my all time favourite mandolins is back on the used wall is the blue Rigel CT110. And another is the Brentrup V8 stealth. If I only ever had these two to play I would be a very happy bunny.

    There's two used Webers at great prices. A Bitterroot A5 at £1350 and a Gallatin A4 at £1195.

    And four vintage Gibsons. After many years as my mascot I have decided to put my 1922 J mandobass up for sale. There aren't many of these around. Its in great shape and plays very well and has the original gigbag and bottom and side feet!.

    Also a 1917 A, a 1915 F4 and a 1927 A.

    The F4 is a beauty complete with the gorgeous handle tuners, one piece flamed maple back and all original parts.

    The 'post Loar' paddleheads are well know to be the best sounding and this one is in incredible condition.

    And for lovers oval oval hole mandolins there's a Capek Sophia F4 and Lebeda A4, both at give away prices! £1995 and £1195.

  • 2004 Lebeda A4 with a few marks and scratches but with that fantastic Lebeda tone and at a great price, £1195.…

  • They are here and they are just as awesome as I had hoped. Two Northfield F5Ss have just arrived. Great build quality, great tone and a great price. Bluegrass chopping monster or subtle and sweet. they will do it all.…/northfield-mandolins.…

  • A beautiful Girouard octave mandolin has just arrived. The back is an incredible combination of flamed and quilted maple, and the tone is truly remarkable. Its rich and full with great definition and projection, very responsive and plays well for those quiet moments and the not so quiet times.…/…

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