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  • And another used beauty today. A Weber Beartooth A4 mandolin. £1395.

  • A beautiful Rigel A+ deluxe has just arrived. £1195.…

  • I've now got three Northfield F5S mandolins in stock for your delectation.…/northfield-mandolins.…


  • My latest newsletters were sent out yesterday. I do mandolin and guitar newsletter separately now.

    You can sign up here.…/about…/newsletter.html

    Copies of both below, guitar first and some photos that were included added.

    My first guitar in an absolute stunner. I can't believe I haven't had a bocote guitar in before now. Bocote is closely related to zizicote with similar tone characteristics. With a master grade sitka top it has sublime basses and incredible balance, sweets mids and clear trebles.

    This is my second guitar from Brock Johnson IMHO (please don't tell him) but he is way under priced, I challenge anyone to find such a fine guitar for £3195.
    There haven't been many new guitars arriving recently but there's lots of exciting builds under way..

    My next R model from the world renowned Jeff Traugott should be here in the summer. I am hoping Jeff will bring it and do a Legendary Luthiers event while he's here.

    The back and sides will be African Blackwood, take a look at this incredible set.
    My next from David Wren will be starting very soon. I've had five guitars from David and they have all sold very quickly. Call me about a deposit if you want to get your hands on this one. It will be another Remuda with another spectacular back and sides set. Waterfall bubinga this time.
    I am delighted that Sharleen Simmons has decided to continue building after the tragic death of her partner Gustav Fredell. She will be finishing three in Sweden before returning to Canada including her first for TAMCO.

    Another set of African Backwood to feats your eyes on.

    My first from Burton LeGeyt also sold very quickly. The guy who bought it said it was the least visually appealing guitar he had tried - each to their own, I thought it looked great - but the tone had him - I agreed with him on that.

    There a build thread on the AGF here.…

    And another under way is an OO-12 from John Slobod AKA Circa guitars. this one is in Macassar Ebony.

    Here's the latest photos of Grit Laskin's DaVinci. Unfortunately for those of us impatiently waiting he doesn't do the fretboard inlay until last. It shouldn't be long now.

    There's still a few tickets left for his visit as part of my Legendary Luthiers series on the 25th April. Tickets and more info here:…/g…/laskin-guitars.html
    STOP PRESS from Grit.

    "There's about 6 days work on the neck (5 of them engraving) then 2 more days to completion."

    And and and... not really this is the last one for this newsletter - I have a few up my sleeve for next time - my first from Peggy White. Its in plain ol' rosewood but I'm sure after several years of apprenticeship with Linda Mazer it will be nothing but plain

    There are two more used Goodalls in making four in all. I am wondering what the collective noun for for group of Goodall guitars is?

    And a beautiful blue Beltona resonator.
    Mandolin Newsletter

    Four Webers in since the last newsletter. Its been a while since I had a Gallatin F5 in, same goes for the amazing Yellowstone F5. Faded leather and traditional sunburst this time, I'm expecting natural and honey tortoise next week.

    Also the ever popular and great value Bitterroot A5 and F5. are now in stock.

    My last Girouard F5 sold very quickly, I don't think this one will be here very long either. Its very light and responsive will full and loud tone. And quite a beauty.

    There's quite a collection of new arrivals on the used wall, from a Fender electro to a Weber Yellowstone in the gorgeous honey and tortoise finish (save £800 on the new price). Also a Tobin ten string bouzouki, a David Oddy A4 and blond Eastman 814.

    One of the Northfield F5Ss sold very quickly so I have two more arriving next week and two Master Models due in a few months, including one of the famous 'Big Mon' models.

    I should have all models of Eastman mandolins in stock in the next week or two.

    The Acoustic Music Co's photo.
    The Acoustic Music Co's photo.
    The Acoustic Music Co's photo.
    The Acoustic Music Co's photo.
  • Plug in for peanuts. Fender FM 60 £275,…



  • And a yummy used Yellowstone F5 mandolin from Weber, save £800 on the new price!



  • Gorgeous blond used Eastman 614 for just £725.



  • The latest news from Grit Laskin, "There's about 6 days work on the neck (5 of them engraving) then 2 more days to completion."

    There's still some tickets left for his visit. Get one here.…/g…/laskin-guitars.html

  • I don't know what the collective noun for group of Goodall guitars is? Any ideas?

    Maybe a git?

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