Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • Another beauty from Tom Doerr, this is my first from his new Standard range. You don't get his famous bevelled bindings and a few other extras such as the carved rear headstock that are standard features on the Signature range but you do get the same fantastic sound and one of the most beautiful headstocks I've seen... and you save around £2000!

    This Legacy has unbelievable separation and definition from the low E all the way to the top, each note is clear and well defined. It also has great volume and and a rich and deep tone, responding equally well to a pick or the gentlest fingerstyle, a very versatile guitar.

  • I've just received another Guitar Bodied Octave Mandolin from Austin Clark. If you like your octave mandolins with great definition and depth of tone this is the way to go. Its not often that I have GOMs from Austin Clark and Bill Bussmann (Old Wave Mandolins) in at the same time, check out Bill's too.

  • A used John Greven OOO-18 has just come in, grab it while you can, they are hard to come by. Its a great price at £2250.

  • My first from the legendary Grit Laskin is under way Darwin to DNA.

  • Happy New Year friends and followers. 2013 was a great year here at TAMCO. I'm looking forward to an even more exciting year in 2014. Watch this space...

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