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  • Fabulous used Tippin Crescendo just in.

    Describing the sound of this guitar is almost beyond my powers of erudition.. it has everything, strong and full well defined bass, rich complex and beautiful mids and strong and clear trebles. It responds very well to to the lightest touch or a full on approach. This is one the first of Bill’s guitars to feature his heel bevel, comfortable access to all frets.

  • Its Pava time again! This one is a little less due to the satin finish with the same incredible tone.

  • In as new condition Froggy Bottom M Deluxe, bought six weeks ago for £6250, Baggs Lyric pickup fitted since. This won't be here long at £4995.

    Mahogany and Adirondack is one of my favourite combinations producing wonderful balance and clarity with a fantastically well defined bass, warm mids and beautiful clear and full trebles. It plays like a dream and responds equally well to a light touch or a heavy pick with great volume and lots of headroom.

  • Larrivee L-05-12. This is a very well balanced twelve string with a a great pickup. Lots of full and warm tone with very good separation and projection, one of the best twelvers I've played.

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