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  • It was great to catch up with Ervin Somogyi over dinner with Grit Laskin at the Healdsburg guitar festival a few weeks ago. Ervin is a great wit and even greater guitar maker. My second guitar from him has just arrived.

    "What can you say about the sound of a Somogyi? There's nothing else like it! Here's my best shot but I can't possibly get even close in words..

    It has a richness of tone that I've not heard in any other guitar, I've used the word orchestral to describe the Somogyi sound before and I still can't think of better description. There's a depth and complexity that that's hard to believe if you haven't heard it for your self. It responds magnificently to the lightest touch and overwhelms with luscious tone with a little more input. This all comes with exceptional balance, projection and clarity.. from a lingering single note to a rapid succession or a full chord, there's music in perfect harmony."

  • I am very excited to have my first guitar from Nick Kukich aka The Franklin Guitar Company. I can see why he is so much appreciated by the likes of Stefan Grossman and John Renbourn.

    When deciding how to describe a guitar the first thing I do is think about what hits me first. This guitar has remarkable articulation and expression, fantastic projection and clarity with each note having perfect definition. Achieving this this along with fantastic depth and complexity of tone is why Nick has the reputation he has.

  • The wonderful How LBC is back, in excellent condition, and £800 less than the new price.

  • Used Bourgeois OMS just in. This guitar has a fantastic mature, well played-in tone.

  • The latest TAMCO newsletter is out.

  • Great condition Rigel G-110 just in. There's nothing quite like the Rigel sound.

  • And another beauty today from David Berkowitz.

    Padauk is gaining in popularity and this beautiful guitar from David demonstrates why. The first thing that strikes me is a very deep and luxurious bass with fantastic resonance across the range. This is a big sound that is very rich and warm that responds well to a pick or the most delicate fingerstyle. It takes a very experienced luthier to achieve this level of warmth and resonance and have great definition and note separation. This is a wonderful and very versatile guitar.

  • My gast is well and truly flabbered. This is my first from Simon Fay and it is awesome.

    I had an order with Simon when the person who ordered this beauty cancelled his order! Simon offered it to me at a reduced price, to order it now would cost over £8500. I would be very happy to put it out at the higher price, this is a work of art in sound and looks.

    The sound is very focused with unbelievable balance and clarity. Each note - from the lowest to the highest - rings out with warmth, perfect definition, depth of tone and great projection. As well as being an aesthetic masterpiece this is a perfect tool for the dedicated musician.

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