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  • A 1908 Vega mandocello (the equivalent to the cello in the mandolin family) with the original purchase certificate! Its very rare and collectable.

  • Fantastic used Beneteau OM in Engelmann and Ziricote just in.

  • An OM in Lutz and Wenge has just arrived from Chris Ensor.

    A regular customer spotted Chris' work a while ago and I'm very glad he did. This is a beautiful guitar with with a very solid tone, solid seems a strange word to use but what I'm getting at is chords that sound completely even with no strange beats or wolf tones roaming around. Individual notes are strong, well defined and full, the overall tone is dark, rich and vibrant.

  • And another OO-12, this one from Michael Bashkin.

    Michael Bashkin's work is some of the most refined and beautiful I've come across. This stunning OO-12 just shouts class and style. It sounds amazing too, its very rich and full without a hint of muddiness. It kind of caresses your ears with warm and sensuous tone, each note is clear, full and well defined, the balance is excellent and it has plenty of volume and projection. As close to perfection as it gets.

  • Two more wonderful guitars today.

    The first is a 12 fret OO from Bevan Frost AKA Big Hollow Guitars.

    I got my first chance to play this beauty at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival and it sounds even better than I remember. Its a very lively and responsive guitar with superb clarity and balance. The definition and projection are remarkable and it has great character with the classic mahogany tone with sweetness added by the 12 fret body join.

  • The first Collings mandolin is here. Its a fantastic MF deluxe.

    A beautiful F5 with great tone. It has a fantastic clear and loud chop for the bluegrassers out there and plenty of depth and warmth for a melodic playing style. It also has excellent playability with great response to the lightest touch or a heavy pick. From bluegrass to classical this beauty can do it all.

  • And here's the second from Ben Wilborn.

    I saw this beauty at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival and couldn't resist it. One of the pleasures of Healdsburg is discovering new talent and meeting luthiers like Ben.

    Well, to coin the old cliché it sounds as good as it looks. It has rich warm tones and great clarity with the volume of a much bigger guitar, great balance from down low all the way to the top and fantastic playability. Another I want to take home.

  • Its BGD, beautiful guitar day. Here's the first from John How.

    A beautiful X braced grand concert from John. It has his usual stunning finishing and look and a wonderful open sound with great balance and projection. Lots of vintage look and tone, a dream for the blues and much, much more.

  • This is a lot of guitar for the money, cocobolo back and sides, arm rest and a cutaway. My first stock guitar from Chris Ensor is due and day now and if its as good as this I will be very happy. It has a very deep and resonant sound with great balance, projection and separation. Its in excellent condition and was built in 2013.

  • The amazing National Resophonic RM1 mandolin in walnut with hotplate pickup is back in stock. Just in case it doesn't have enough volume acoustically you can plug it in!

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