Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Excellent condition Bourgeois Vintage OM just in. Save £755 on the new price.

  • Great value and great looking and sounding Capek F4 Sophia just in.

  • My first from Larry Nair aka Tahoe guitars is here. Its a beauty.

  • One of my all time favourite Rigels is back. It sounds great and its beautiful in blue.

  • Fantastic Goodall Traditional Dreadnought just in.

  • And a great value used A5 by Audey Ratliff at £1195.

  • Save yourself £555 on a National ResoPhonic Estralita Deluxe.

  • Great sounding Bourgeois OMS just in.

  • A loverly Lebeda F5 has just arrived, they don't come by very often...

  • And a 2002 Lowden O35 in excellent condition.

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