Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Used Collings OOO1 just in. Its had a headstock repair so its £1900 cheaper than the new price. A Bargain.

  • Three amazing guitars in today. Two from Marc Beneteau and my first from Ed Claxton. I've been getting great guitars from Marc for years now. This EM from Ed is a remarkable guitar.

  • One of my favourite ever dreadnoughts is back. Rob Ehlers' blacktop in quilted mahogany.

    Due tomorrow, my first from Ed Claxton and two from Marc Beneteau.

  • Two new arrivals on the used mandolin wall. Breedlove OF quartz and an Oakwood folk mandolin. They are on my website. Photos coming later today.

  • Three new arrivals on the used guitar wall. Martin OOO-28 Eric Clapton, Martin J35E and a Lowden D23. They are on my website, photos coming later today.

  • Fantastic 1996 Kevin Ryan Mission Grand Concert just in.

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