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  • Sexauer OO koa koa

    Its small and its koa and koa so it sounds bright and zingy right? Wrong.

    Add Bruce's remarkable skills and experience and it defies all pre-conceptions. The bass is very solid and well defined, there's a sweetness to the mids and the trebles have quality that I don't think I have heard before. They are very full - I suppose you could call them bell-like- or fat.. but with great clarity and definition... I'm giving up.. come a try it.

    And the looks? Who cares when it sounds this good? ...or to reverse the cliché it looks as good as it sounds.

  • Its back, as good as new and £400 less than when it was new. This is the best value guitar I have ever sold at this price... the Kronbauer MJ in bubinga.

  • Two dreads an OM and a Slope D from David Webber. And all at the amazing price of £1795.

  • Also from Weber today a Bitterroot A5 with some fantastically flamed maple.

  • The fantastic Weber Fern F5 is back in stock.

  • Fantastic used Goodall OM in mahogany just in.

  • Rigel CT-110 just in at a great price.

  • Add the warmth of cedar to the clarity of mahogany and Steve and Ryan's prowess as luthiers and what to you get? This wonderful Kinnaird FS is the answer. Its loud, clear, warm and sweet, a versatile guitar that plays nothing like butter (thankfully) but it is light and very responsive and easy to play.

    Steve's prices are going up soon so grab this beauty at this amazing price while you can.

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