Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • The Gustav Fredell XS has arrived. He is currently still in his apprenticeship with Ervin Somogyi and will be making guitars for TAMCO when he returns to Sweden next year. This wonderful guitar is here for TAMCO customers to sample and is not for sale. He is keen to get as much feedback as possible. The Fretboard Journal correspondent at this years Montreal guitar show said it was his favourite there. Its here for a month, please come and tell us what you think..

  • Andy Summers Martin Limited Edition just in.

  • A very collectable Gurian M-J has just arrived. Its the first I've had and I like it.

  • 1990 Santa Cruz D with some gorgeous koa and a big and clear sound just in.

  • Get yer skates on.. the last Bown sold very quickly and I am VERY tempted to take this one home..

  • And the second Weber today.. a deep and loverly Gallatin Octave mandolin.

  • Fabulous Weber Bitterroot F5 just in.

  • 2001 Lowden F25 just in, a bit worn but sound and a good price.

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