Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Its not often that I get a used mandocello. This Weber Gallatin is a great buy.

  • The long wait is over. My first F5 from Eduard Kristufek (Krishot) is here.

  • The Matsuda M1 'Skunk' review and an interview with Michi is now out in Acoustic magazine.

  • My first guitar from Al Beardsell is a stunner in all departments.

  • My third guitar from Ken Franklin is my first guitar with Oak back and sides. Its another beauty and sounds fantastic.
  • My first mandolin from Eduard Kristufek (Krishot) is here and its wonderful.

  • Two fantastic solid body electric mandolins have just arrived from Ian Weston, one four string and one five string. Check out the buzz at the Mandolin Cafe.

  • Two fantastic Kronbauers just in, both in sitka and sapele, an OM and a Dreadnought. And only £1595.

  • Used Bourgeois Custom OM just in.

  • One of my all-time favourite mandolins is back. The Weber Elite F5. I missed it while it was gone but don't think it will be around long. It has my dream sound, rich and full with definition and power, thrash it or stroke it, it does the biz.

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