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  • Weber Custom Vintage A4 just in.

    Made from Bruce's stock of 50 - 100 year old woods, wide even grained spruce top, flamed maple back and sides. The custom vintage A has been modelled on the old teens Gibsons, it has been favourably compared to Nugget and Gilchrist. Some have asked how you can improve on an old Gibbo if that's the sound you are after, well of course you can't quite reproduce that hard to define oldness but what this amazing mandolin has is remarkable volume, that huge solid bass of the old teens As but without a hint of thuddyness, and incredible balance, the mids are rich and complex, the trebles sweet and clear. Somehow it has all the qualities of the best Gibson As but with amazing definition and projection. With hardshell case. New price £2695.

  • A beautiful MJ from Trevor Kronbauer with lots of upgrades. Just look at that Bubinga!!!!!!!!!!! I have loved the tone of every Bubinga guitar I've had and this is more proof of what a great tonewood it is.

    I'm lost for words... this is the best guitar I've had at this price EVER. The looks are out if this world and the tone is comparable with a much more expensive guitar.

    Its a very versatile instrument with enough strength at the low end for strumming and flatpicking and plenty or warmth, separation and projection for the fingerpicker.

  • Fantastic Indian Summer F4 Premium from Jiri Lebeda built in 2002. Its in excellent condition with one top ding and a few small marks, with original case.

    It has the rich a full tone that Jiri is famous for.

  • Not very long ago I only had one Rigel mandolin in stock, with the arrival of this fantastic custom G-110 I now have four. You can't beat the Rigel sound.

  • As new used Collings OOO2h just in, at a great price.

  • As new Lowden Pierre Bensusan signature model just in.

  • I incredible standard model from Sergei de Jonge has just arrived.

    Its warm and full with outstanding balance. As I keep saying only the very best luthiers can combine tonal qualities that to lesser mortals would be mutually exclusive. To get this level of warmth with great separation, clarity and attack is a remarkable achievement.

  • Just in a, Bozeman Montana made (a good Gibson period) F5L in excellent condition with Gibson rectangular case.

    Plays easily with 'the bluegrass' sound.. good chop and plenty of resonance, solid bass with clear trebles.

  • An Ellis A5 Special has just arrived. Its a little fuller in sound than the Deluxe, the Deluxe has a little more pop.. horses for courses..

  • A used Froggy Bottom F has come in, its a great guitar for being heard, loud and fantastic projection.

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