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  • Mandolin for Dummies is available now. Don Julin has written an amazing resource with lots of great info for all mandolin players, not just the not so bright. And there's my photo on the front cover which am very pleased about.

  • My fifth Laurent Brondel guitar has arrived. Its a beautiful A2 in Adirondack and Cuban mahogany, and is the sweetest sounding one so far. It has Laurent's legendary clarity and definition with well defined rich bass, warm mids and clear and sweet trebles. Its light and very responsive and a real winner in the playability stakes.

  • All this for £1595! Trevor Kronbauer does it again. PLEASE bring in your factory made 'famous name' guitars and see if one one of them can match this.

  • A used Bourgeois slope d has just arrived, and that's not a upper-class sailing vessel.

  • Ken Franklin's Pommele has just arrived. Sometimes you know a guitar is going to sound great as you are tuning it up and after the first notes ring out, even before its had time to sniff some English air.

    This unbelievably gorgeous guitar has rich and fat tones, its warm and lush but with enough clarity to make it sing beautifully and clearly.

  • Just moved to the Dusty Corner, now £1995, Eggle Etowah Custom maple with Headway pickup.

  • The latest Newsletter is out, check it out on my homepage central menu.

  • I've just done a new set of photos for one of the most beautiful guitars I've ever had, the Hamblin GC in quilted maple.

    Its also the best proof there is that in the right hands you can get GREAT bass from maple.

  • And the second beautiful Brondel today is an A-1c. German spruce twinned with Malaysian blackwood gives some of the clearest and and most well defined individual notes I have heard. Of course put those notes together and and the result is harmonious and sweet, delicate fingerstyle, strumming and picking are all well with its competence, its excels at them all.

    There is headroom here enough to fly very high indeed. While this spectacular guitar is all about accuracy and articulation it comes with depth, warmth and character.
  • The last two guitars I had from Laurent Brondel sold within a few days of arrival. The first of two guitars from him today is a C3 in Adirondack and sapele. A little bigger than OO size, this little beauty is one of those guitars that almost seems to start before you do, or 'eager' as I have described very responsive guitars before..

    Despite its liveliness is has the warmth and depth of many a bigger and darker wooded (if you see what I mean) guitar. Another very versatile and beautiful instrument from Laurent.

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