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  • I am becoming a little overwhelmed by truly great guitars - I'm not complaining but am running out of words to describe them.

    There has been a lot of excitement about wenge recently. The only other guitar I've had made with it was from Erv

    in Somogyi. In these times of traditional tone woods becoming scarce and in some cases tightly restricted and banned its great to work with a wood that is plentiful and cheap.

    Some find the look of it to be plain but others love the deep and rich variations of colour that can be seen looking closely to be very beautiful. The way Kent has combined it with leopardwood accents makes it an incredibly beautiful guitars however you look at it.

    Kent says this is the best guitar he has made and by his standards that's something.. by my standards it has a wonderful full sound, with complex and resonant tones across its very well balanced and defined range.

  • A fantastic Ziricote OM has just arrived from Sergei de Jonge. Local star player Terry Lees was the first to play it and it sounded incredible, loud and forceful with full and powerful note definition and beautiful rich tones.

  • Steve Sorensen's Picifica mandolin has just arrived. It is one of the most beautiful mandolins I've seen. The workmanship is immaculate and the tone is 'to die for'.

  • Wanna make some noise and be heard in that NOISY pub? Three new National ResoPhonic mandolins in today.

  • My second guitar from Ken Franklin is another gorgeous guitar with a fantastic warm and rich sound.

  • A used Baranik JX has just come in. Mike's guitars sell faster than he can make them for me and I don't get many used, this is a real beauty and won't be here long.

  • An Ellis A5 has just arrived. Mandolins don't get any better than this!

  • And another wonderful Weber. If the deep and sonorous tone of the mandola flies your kite you can fly very high indeed with this beautiful Yellowstone F5.

  • The beautiful and fantastic sounding Weber Yellowstone A5 mandolin is back in stock. The honey and tortoise finish is one of my very favourites.

  • Guitar bodied octave mandolins are very the best OM's in my opinion. An incredible example of the style has just arrived from Austin Clark.

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