Monthly Archives: July 2012

  • I’ve got so many guitars coming in the near future that I have moved a couple more into the dusty corner, two very nice guitars by Charlie Hoffman ( sorry Charlie).


    Due in the next week: my first ladder braced guitar from John How (tomorrow), the much anticipated Remuda from David Wren, a Mini Mac by Tim McKnight – widely trailed on the AGF and my second from Laurent Brondel.


    Not far behind, guitars from Al Beardsell, Michael Bashkin, Trevor Kronbauer and John Osthoff. Its going to be a great few weeks, who cares about the weather.

  • Another beautifully balanced guitar from Rod Schenk has just arrived. In my favourite back and sides wood too. It rings and it sings and performs with consummate ease. Rod's micro bevel in my opinion is the way to go, its adds the desired comfort without going over the top (if you see what I mean). Guitars don't come any more versatile or easier to play than this.

  • A Weber Fern A5 has just arrived. It sounds as good as it looks. Awesome!

  • The latest arrival in the Dusty Corner is the used Lowden S10. Reduced from £1350 to £999. Don’t hang about.

  • I am VERY excited to announce that I will be working with Gustav Fredell. Gustav currently works for Ervin Somogyi and will be setting up on his own back in his native Sweden next year. We’ve had some great correspondence and seem to have the same approach to just about everything! Ideas for the first guitars are well under way.

  • I have just posted a build thread for my second A2 on the AGF and on my website. I liked the first A2 from Laurent so much - and it sold very quickly - that I have ordered this one in a similar spec.

  • My first pre-war Martin, a 1937 OOO-18. Details on my website.

  • Two Martins have just made their way through the rain. This one is a OOO-28 Martin Blake, to come very soon a 1937 OOO-18.. watch this space, its been around a bit but has the magic.

  • I have just had a visit from the owner of the Bourgeois Slope D Custom adi/mahogany with pickup USED, he needs some cash so it now its available at £1895! This is an amazing price, Bourgeois are hard to get these days and as the new UK dealers start to get stock prices have gone up.

  • The used Eggle Etowah Custom maple with Headway pickup has been reduced to £2250. This is one ‘eck of a bargain.

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