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  • Two of this week's arrivals have sold already. The Brondel A4 and Wren Remuda are on their way to playing heaven.

  • The owner of the Froggy Bottoms (if you see what I mean) is in need of some finance so they are now even better value than they were, and residing in the Dusty Corner.

  • Its been a great week for amazing guitars. Last but not least this stunning OM in cedar and ziricote from John Osthoff.

  • The latest newsletter has just gone out. If you would like to see it go to the central menu on my homepage.. and also subscribe to get the next one.

  • Two different but equally amazing guitars in one day, my heart is thumping. David Wren is one of those discoveries that make doing this so much fun. He’s a quiet kind of guy and doesn’t shout about his prowess much so I’m going to. I don’t think this beauty will be around too long as I am expecting several guitar playing visitors on Saturday. The workmanship is immaculate. The tone is fat and I mean fat in ‘the nicest possible way’ , thick and luscious with great balance, clarity and separation.

  • I am always going on about how great smaller guitars can be. They don’t get any greater than this Brondel B4. All that bo**ocks about good things come in small packages.. Great things come in this small package.

  • The first of three guitars today, a 1991 Gibson Nick Lucas.

  • After a long build thread on the AGF the McKnight Mini Mac is here. To coin one of my favourite clichés it sounds as good as it looks, and it looks truly amazing.

  • Just tripped through the door a real bluegrass cannon. A Jim Triggs F5, if you want pure bluegrass chops then look now more.

  • John How LBC just arrived. Make your day, take a look at the photos.

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