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  • I haven't had a CT-110 in for a few years now. Of all the thousands of mandolins I have handled since I started TAMCO back in 2001 the CT-110 is one of my all time favourites.

    Peter Langdell took on the sceptics and proved beyond doubt that you can take a new approach and make a world class mandolin. Peter's revolution wasn't the overall look but that the rimes are carved from a sold block.

    This is a very fine example of the CT-110 in almost as new condition with the original tweed rectangular case. It has the classic sound a plenty with rich and warm tones and that special and unique Rigel magic.

  • Bluegrass mandolin players, its time to drool.. A Summit F5 Artist has just arrived and its a beauty, chops and barks galore, ban*os beware.

  • I have just received my first guitar from Trevor Kronbauer, I will definitely be getting more. For £1895 this is unbelievable value.

    I have compared it with other sitka/rosewood jumbos and this is the sweet one! The sound is very warm and lush without lacking definition. Fantastic for picking and strumming and more than capable of some delicate fingerstyle.

  • Four fantastic used/vintage mandolins have arrived today. Three Gibsons; a 1920  A jr, 1919 A in sheraton brown and a 1968 A50. AND a fantastic Vega cylinder back..

  • The used Capek F4 mandocello has just been reduced to £2995. This is one 'eck of a good price is you are into the deep 'n low sounds of the 'cello.

  • Another excellent condition used guitar has arrived today. A Fylde Custom Alexander with magpies.

  • Just in, a cute Martin OO-17 Limited Edition Sing Out, I like it and I don’t often like Martins.

  • Used Brentrup A5: Originally sold by me and showing some of Hans' typical crazed varnish (maybe the thin varnish is why they sound so good?) this A5 is a snip and is in great condition. Hans stopped making mandolins a few years ago due to a shoulder injury so grab it while you can!

  • OLD Wave, used GOM. I've got one of these beauties myself (its not as pretty as this one). IMHO the GoM (guitar bodied octave mandolin) is the only way to get an octave with strong and well defined bass as well as great overall tone and volume.

  • Petros Crown of Thorns: This work of art came to me with two badly repaired top cracks. I have had them professionally repaired and its now as good as new but the repairs are visible, see photo.

    If I ordered one from Bruce now the new price would be £19000, which means I would sell a top condition used one at 20% off that £15200. So with a saving of over £6200 this is an unbelievably good buy.

    With an Adirondack top and beautiful ebony back and sides it has a big and sonorous sound with fantastic resonance and depth of tone.

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