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  • A Weber Absaroka A5 has just arrived. It’s a discontinued model now, the current equivalent is the Yellowstone. It has a bright and punchy tone, great for bluegrass, and comes with a green Pegasus case and a traditional Brekke bridge that is adjustable while under tension.

  • The ever popular Weber Bitterroot A5 is back, I’ve been plating it and it is very full and LOUD, but whispers beautifully too.

  • The last of Mike Baranik’s new model, the OOm was here for five days, so get a move on if you want to try out this beauty.

  • Moved to the Dusty Corner today, the awesome Nugget A5 deluxe, reduced by £3000.

  • What an exciting day!! And one more breaking news item to come but it might have to wait until tomorrow as I’m waiting for an uploadable file, hint, its to do with the not very bright and mandolins.


    Back to this exciting day, I have just received a parlour guitar made by York’s Ralph Bown, if you don’t know of his work you should. I am often heard (or read) to say how in the hands of the right luthier a parlour guitar can be powerful (quart in a pint pot and all that..), warm and deep. Well come and try this beauty and you will see what I mean. WARNING: the few of Ralph’s guitars I’ve had in the past have sold very quickly.

  • I am delighted, cockahoop and over the moon to have the legendary, one and only Swarb (aka Dave Swarbrick) as a TAMCO and Weber Mandolins sponsor. Whether you were born with the Fairports as a background (or foreground) to your life or discovered them later there’s no denying their influence on folk and pop/rock and their catalogue of great music. Swarb is a major influence in fiddling and plays a mean mandolin.


    Matty Groves from Leige and Leif is one of my all time favourite pieces of music. Just listen to Swarb going for it on that fabulous ending.

  • A blast from the past has just crossed the ocean.. This Gibson A1 from 1915 was formerly the property of Weldon G. Dawson. If you want to know how I know take a look at the website listing. Its in great condition and has one of the cleanest cases I have seen. It sounds great, around the middle of the range of the wonderful old Gibbos, sweet and warm without that too tubby bass that some have, one of my faves of the hundred or so I’ve has since starting TAMCO back in 2001.

  • The grail of holy’s for the oval hole fan is back. The Gilchrist Model is back in the same condition as it left because the owner was tempted by an amazing Wingert guitar and needed to raise some money. Oval hole mandolins don’t come ANY better than this.

  • Put some sparkle into your life with an excellent condition used Villette Gryphon twelve string, or plug it in and put some sparkle in a lot of people’s lives! Its in great condition and £900 less than the new price.

  • A used Weber F5 Bitterroot has just arrived. Its £700 less than a new one and sounds fantastic, well focussed deep bass and great projection and balance with rich mids and clear trebles.

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