Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • An old new arrival, a 1950s Gibson LG0 guitar.

  • Just arrived this morning a used Brook Lyn in spruce and rosewood. Its in as new condition and £580 less than the new price.

  • A Larrivee arrival today. Up on the used wall a J-09. It’s a big Jumbo with a big sound and a great price.

  • Three new arrivals on this sunny Friday. Two from Don Gallagher, both great flatpickers, a G-50 and a G-65.  If you like it bright or dark there’s a picker for you. For those that pick with their fingers, not a pick.. if you see what I mean, there’s a beautiful GC in sitka and rosewood from Bill Wise – Charis Guitars. Bill’s work and tone are sublime. These are incredible value guitars, grab one before the US economy picks up and Bill raises his prices.

  • Today’s new arrival is an excellent condition used Fylde Goodfellow.

  • A used African Blackwood Baranik Retreaux parlour has just arrived. Mike’s parlour guitars are incredible instruments, add African Blackwood and you have a little monster..!!

  • My first from Laurent Brondel has arrived. Its an A2 (OM sized) in Carpathian spruce and Honduran mahogany and has a beautiful rich and well balanced sound.

  • Three more in from David Webber. Jumbo, Southern Jumbo and OMs in quilted maple and cedar/walnut. All under £2000!!! I don’t quite know how David does it but they are incredible value.

  • A great little parlour guitar has come in at a great price. By the sadly deceased Rob Ehlers its in cedar and rosewood. Its beautifully made and sounds wonderful.

  • A new A5 has just arrived form my old desert dwelling friend Mr. William J. Bussmann, also known as Old Wave mandolins. I have three of Bill’s amazing works at home already so I am going to have to sell this beauty. It has my favourite f hole sound, loud and clear with depth and resonance.

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