Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • The two most recent arrivals are all the way from Montana. Bruce Webber and his small team make truly excellent mandolins - and the rest of the mandolin family - and at very reasonable prices. The Gallatin F5 sounds as good as a glossy higher spec’d mandolin, the Bitterroot F style octave mandolin is yet more proof of why you need a carved instrument to get warmth, power and definition all in one.

  • In my continuing efforts to find the best value mandolins and guitars during these hard times I am delighted to have my first two Country Boy mandolins for Audey Ratliff. They sound great and look fantastic, an F5 for £1595 and an A5 for £1250, new challengers to the Weber Gallatin line for best bang for buck hand made mandolins.

  • Two new wonderful Weber mandolins in today. A Gallatin F5 in natural finish and a Bitterroot A5.

  • Just arrived and hanging on the used wall an Eggle Custom Etowah.

  • A very nice 1918 Gibson A has just arrived. No vintage Gibbys a few days ago now three in stock and one more expected.

  • Eastmans for Easter (only a bit late). 504, 515, 614, 805 and 815 are back in stock. Other models remain in stock.

  • What a day for vintage mandolins! Two Gibson A4s! One from 1919 and its younger relative from 1920, both at great prices. Also a Lyon and Healy Style C from a year before the older. I am hoping to receive at least one more old Gibson this week.

  • Jonathan Mann makes the most beautiful electric mandolins. They are great to play too. A SEM-5 in faded blue finish has just arrived.

  • I just had four amazing guitars arrive from Canadian Luthier David Webber. My first tenor, that will keep me busy for a while, a fantastic OM cutaway in stunning rosewood, a baritone and a sapele dreadnought.


    I’m always going on about what great value David’s guitars are and with this delivery I am even more impressed. I never thought I would see a baritone as good as this for two grand. I compared the dreadnought with one twice the price, the tone difference was infinitesimal.

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