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  • The Weber Fern has had its spec upgraded to include an Adirondack top so I have reduced this amazing mandolin to £3995. The new spec model will be £5195 so this a quite a bargain!

  • A 2004 A4 mandolin by Jiri Lebeda has just arrived. This is one of the best A4s I have heard, looks great too.

  • A fantastic used Baranik CX in German Spruce and Madagascan Rosewood has just come in.

  • Another one in today. The Weber Gallatin Octave mandolin is a powerhouse, non of that wishy-washy sound common to large bodied flattop octave mandolins. This has a very well defined bass and rich and sweet tone all over.

  • For folk/flat top mandolin lovers they come any better that this, an Andy Tobin mandolin with Calton case, saving £600 on the new price.

  • Another new arrival on the used mandolin wall. An excellent condition Weber Hyalite at £400 less than the new price. This is a lot of mandolin for the money.

  • My first Gibson A3 whiteface for quite a while has just arrived. These are my favourite teens Gibsons. If you like that fat, rich tone these are the best.

  • A used Eastman 815 just in, in excellent condition and £276 less than the new price.

  • My second guitar from John Osthoff has just arrived. I has stunning African beeswing mahogany back and sides and an amazing, warm, sweet and clear tone.

  • My first guitar from Texan Steve Kinnaird is here. As my favourite cliché goes, it sounds as good as it looks.

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