Monthly Archives: January 2012

  • Just in on the used wall, Eggle custom Linville cutaway Alaskan sitka/English Yew. Its in excellent condition and £800 less than new!!!

  • Used Jiri Lebeda mandola just in, I remember commissioning it back in 2002. It sounds even better now than when it arrived, and that’s saying something.

  • I had a visit from Canadian luthier Sergei de Jonge yesterday. He brought an amazing all Spanish cedar OM with him. Its one of the sweetest sounding guitars I’ve ever heard (and looks great too). I had to persuade him to leave it for your delectation.

  • Also in today Weber Gallatins A5 and A4. This is about the best value you can get in a hand made mandolin.

  • In today used Weber Yellowstone Custom F5 and Bourgeois VOM, save £600 an more.. both in excellent condition.. grab ‘em soon..

  • Just in, one of the most beautiful Bourgeois guitars I’ve seen and heard, £645 less than when it was new and in the same condition as it was when it arrived, say no more…

  • A fantastic used Heiden A standard with dual source pickup has just come in. Michael is up there with the very best contemporary mandolin luthiers, this is a great deal at £1350 less then a new one (and this has a pickup and Calton case). Its been well cared for and played in, the only thing that sounds better than a new Heiden is one that’s been played in..

  • A beautiful used A4 from my old pal Mr. William J Bussmann (aka Old Wave Mandolins) has just arrived. I used to call Bill the king of the oval hole until he turned out to be equally adept at the f hole side of things. Its in great condition, looks a million dollars and is up for a lot less.. don’t hang around, in these hard times £500 is a big saving on a new one..

  • Used Fylde Signature Touchstone and Blonde Capek A4 basic mandolins in today.

  • A fantastic maple Concert Standard has just arrived from Marc Beneteau. Marc makes incredibly responsive and beautiful instruments at very reasonable prices.

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